Tiburón Golf Club Newsletter November 2015 - Page 10

November Group Fitness Class Schedule 8:309:30am 9:3010:30am monday tuesday wednesday Belly, Butt & Thighs (Randall) Mat Pilates (Ali) Cardio & Sculpt (Meghan) Core & Flexibility (Meghan) Yoga (Dama) Yoga (Chrisse) 1:002:00pm Belly, Butt & Thighs Focus on your lower half in this belly-busting, booty shaping, two-part intensive class that features a series of exercise combinations that target, you guessed it - your belly, butt, and thighs. Mat Pilates Strengthen and tone all of the body’s core muscles through targeted exercises. Mat Pilates classes challenge the student to focus on specific muscle groups, and, with practice, students will soon build tremendous core strength. Strong core muscles support the spine, reduce back pain, add an amazing new depth to yoga practice, and are an integral component of athletic performance as well as every day balance. No Pilates experience is necessary, and this class is appropriate for students of all ability levels. Core & Flexibility Strengthen your core muscles by building a more stable, powerful abdomen and lower back, proper posture and combine it with flexibility which in turn will provide a foundation for an active daily life. Bosu Bootcamp A drill based cardiovascular and strength class done in a bootcamp style format. The combinations of cardio and strength drills are endless and provide a non-stop, challenging total body workout. thursday Tabata (Jen) Yoga (Chrisse) friday Bosu Bootcamp (Randall) Mat Pilates (Quinn) Cardio & Sculpt High-intensity cardio training with power sculpting intervals Tabata Tabata is a four-minute fat burning workout! One tabata exercise can increase your help burn more fat than traditional 60 minute workouts! Do several of these aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, resting metabolic rate & exercises fast and properly during this 50 minute class. Yoga Flow Yoga Flow is a mindful movement practice blended with breath awareness. This classic class aims to bring openness and ease to your body and create an experience of refreshment and relaxation Schedule FREE Personal Fitness Assessment Signature and Medallion Members may sign up to receive a complimentary personal fitness assessment. In this personal fitness assessment, you will create fitness goals, learn how to use fitness equipment and learn more about our personal training program. » Click here to sign up for your complimentary fitness assessment