Thunder Roads Magazine of Oklahoma/Arkansas November 2014 - Page 5

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Hello My Riding Friends! Oh NOVEMBER! What a great month! I’m celebrating my F’ng Fif-T birthday this month. Where have the years gone? I don’t know, but I do know I’m fortunate to have the life I live. Many thanks go to all of you loyal readers, riders and friends. Please join me for a birthday celebration on November 22 at 2 pm at Lucille’s in Mulhall. Just a fun get together for the half century! So let’s look into the crystal ball of November Motorcycling. First of all, looks like we get to view the beautiful changing of the leaves and seasons a little late. But it makes for such great riding! We then get to honor our Veterans on Veteran’s Day. There will be several dedications, memorials and parades to attend. Please be sure to attend and if you can’t, thank a vet by buying them lunch or recognizing their service in some honorable way. Don’t forget the hungry this Thanksgiving. It is a GIVING holiday. Donations to food banks, Kickin’ Childhood Hunger or a homeless shelter are much appreciated by those in need. AND Ride! There will be several beautiful days to do so in this month. Leather up! Boots on the Pegs! And Ride Safe! Your Riding Writer! “T” PO BOX 1864, Stillwater, OK 74076 Phone: 405-612-3844 Include us in your tweets #thunderroadsok. Editor/ Owner/Publisher Terri T Collier Email Articles and Pictures to: 405-612-3844 Layout and Design Sarah Little, Art Director Advertising Representatives Central Oklahoma “Thumper” - 405-326-2106 Tulsa and NE Oklahoma Cynthia – “BabyCakes” – 918-812-8301 Oklahoma Sandy Moore - 405-269-6318 CELEBRATE WITH ‘T” AT HER F’NG FIF-T PARTY NOVEMBER 22ND! THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE OF OK/AR MAKES A GREAT GIFT THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! TO SUBSCRIBE, GO TO WWW.THUNDERROADSOKLAHOMA.COM AND PURCHASE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE HOMEPAGE! Eastern Oklahoma Frank “Booch” Bucciarelli - 702-573-4950 Sales/Journalist NW Arkansas Melanie Farmer - 479-806-5100 National Founders Toni McCoy Shearon & Brian Shearon Office: 615-792-0040 Fax: 615-792-7580 THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NO PART OF ITS CONTENT MAY BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. PUBLISHER ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY AND IS NOT TO BE HELD LIABLE FOR ERRORS BEYOND THE COST OF THE SPACE OCCUPIED BY THE ERROR, SLANDER OF ANY GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL, FAILURE TO PRODUCE ANY ISSUE AS SCHEDULED DUE TO REASONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL, ANY AND ALL SUITS FOR LIABLE, PLAGIARISM, COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AND UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A PERSONS NAME OR PHOTOGRAPH. OPINIONS AND CLAIMS MADE BY ADVERTISERS AND AUTHORS ARE THEIR OWN, AND DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THE POLICY OF THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE OR THUNDER PUBLISHING. PUBLISHER DOES NOT PROMOTE THE ABUSE OF ALCOHOL OR OTHER DRUGS.