Thunder Roads Magazine of Oklahoma/Arkansas November 2014 - Page 28

FEATURES This rally has grown to a huge rally! Not only were there an approximate 400,000 attendees, it’s spread out over many miles and many locations and venues. That’s one of the original things about it! But BBBQ hangs its’ hat on the fact that it is the largest charity rally in the nation. Now that’s something to brag about! Since 2000, the rally has donated over $600,000 to local charities of NorthWest Arkansas area. Not only are funds raised through monies collected at the rally, but the rally may not be possible without the local charities “working” the rally from set up to striking the location, donated space to promote their charities, breakfast locations, their own events and more. It’s truly an amazing thing to see from start to finish. We got to see more and be more involved in the process this year as we were the proud publisher’s of the first ever Official BBBQ Rally Guide and on-line GPS locator. Read it online at It was quite and honor and went over very well. As for the rally, we had a blast in the National Thunder Roads Magazine Booth as our National Founders brought in Thunder Pete for the big show. Thank you to all who stopped in to say Hello to us at Baum Motorcycle Village on the South side of Fayetteville. It was great to see folks from all over the United States stopping in to grab up magazines from over 22 states! There were some who were thrilled to have the latest copy of their next riding destination state. In addition to the TRM 28 Thunder Roads Magazine of OK/AR booth, “The Baum” area was filled with big vendor trucks, food trucks, product representatives, demo rides, helicopter rides and more. Many looking for motorcycle upgrades, products, etc, were able to find all they needed there. Dickson Street is where it all started or so the legend goes. This is simply a stretch of city roadway which goes way down a long hill with about a 50 degree slope and back up the other side. Highlights of this venue are the Parade of Power Saturday afternoon which passed by the crowded sidewalks and the exhilaration of the extreme downhill and uphill grade. The vendor booths packed the nearby parking lots. The bars were filled with laughter and music. The Barbeque Trailers and the Main Stage with bands daily in the Beer Garden at the “hollar” as we call it or bottom of the hill! One of “T”s favorite things about this rally is the Stokes Air “Battle of the Bikes” presented by