Thunder Roads Magazine of Oklahoma/Arkansas November 2014 - Page 23

READERS’ RIDES grandpa carried in his own pocket. The Prince Albert Can represents the tobacco he smoked. Scotty couldn’t hide that he loved putting this “Working Man’s Bike” together. He asked us to mention that it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and inspiration from his dad, Danny; support of his wife, Kristi; sons, Jett and Slade; and the rest of the speed shop family. All we can say is thanks Scotty and ask the question, “Can he make it a three-peat?” SPECIFICATIONS Accessories Gas Cap Lid Gear found in Remodel of an 1800’s Store Floorboards Flywheel from a Big Block Ford Brake Pedal Timing Gear of a 350 Chevy Taillight Oil Can Housing and Wrench Bracket Handlebars 292 Cam Shaft from a 350 Chevy Seat Pounded and Shaped around a Bottle Thunder Roads Magazine 23