Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-May - Page 42

THE CAVE 104.7 Bike Show By Robert Hartline “Quick Robin, to the Bike Cave!” “Holy heart throb Batman!” Ok, so maybe that didn’t happen, but if the dynamic duo was at the Cave 104.7 bike show in Springfield, Missouri on April 7th checking out the bikes, bikini contest girls and the Cave 104.7 calendar girls, they might have said that! Also on hand guiding the day’s events were the Cave’s DJ’s Flash and Jay Stevens. Along with Flash being a talented DJ, she’s a natural beauty and she was hard to miss with her electric blue hair! This was my 3rd year doing this show and is always one of my favorites! Sponsored by the Cave 104.7 radio station there, they always get a great turnout of bikes, vendors and beautiful ladies. This year as it seems many of the shows so far I’ve been to, Mother Nature had to throw her monkey wrench into things. Last year it was nice enough so I rode to the show all the way from Illinois. This year with the cold and snow overnight in the Springfield area, it was trailer time! I also had friends that planned on coming from Eu- reka Springs Arkansas and when I called they said they had ice so bad there that people who were at work couldn’t even get home! So this year’s turnout was down from last year but it turned out better than what the show sponsors expected. They were afraid of an empty house. We still had around 35 very nice bikes and 6 of the calendar girls were there to sign calendars and take pics and the bikini contest girls didn’t let the cold deter them from coming either. The day did warm up some later on and the crowd started trickling in and there was still a very nice attendance and everyone had a good time. Sometimes the day’s fun can be found in the most unsuspecting places. I have an Indian and I take a beautiful Indian headdress with me that I display on my bike and offer to let people take their pics with it on. Most bikers are pretty particular about letting people touch their bikes and I wa