Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-May - Page 36

WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL MOTORCYCLE AMPLIFIER the front of the gas tank. My fastener count: 1-seat, 5-gas tank, 2-battery cover, 12-fairing and 4-radio. My tricky spots I did not see covered in YouTube or I wanted to share my experience of installing the J & M Corp. Rokker 630 watt amplifier in my 2016 Road Glide Ul- instruction: be careful and observant when removing the tra. J & M Corp recently introduced the Rokker line and has air vent assy. After windshield removal, it is two pieces that only lightly snap together (possible Road Glide concern several models that are meticulously designed for specific 2014 to 2018 Harley-Davidson models. The units come fully only). Two vent tubes for the gas tank, one rubber and one equipped with all the hardware and wire harnesses needed plastic with a rubber elbow. Follow where the rubber one goes, how it is routed and pull it up and out. You will need for your model. It is because of their attention to detail that to re-thread back the way it was. Disconnect the plastic one made for an easy and rewarding experience for me and at the elbow and do NOT pull this one out. For me and my why I wanted to share it with you. Road Glide, I did not disconnect all the wires from the stock First, let me clarify; I have no formal training and I have never taken my bike apart much less even thought about it. radio. After unbolting I lifted and folded the unit back and supported with a shop towel. This worked well for me but I The first thing I did was to go to YouTube and review some videos on gas tank removal and fairing removal. Please do caution this is not according to the instructions. The Orange remote wire: there is an unused connector with a dummy this if you have not done this before. You must take your plug on the bike near the connector for the right turn signal time, pay attention to detail and not be afraid to ask ques- that can be used. Otherwise you can also use the cigarette tions. J & M Corp. has killer technical support. I spoke with lighter cable. The connection is near the left turn signal con- an awesome guy named Thomas. He was prepared to spend whatever time needed and suggested real time video nector. Use caution with any and all wires, make sure they are not pinched, going to be rubbed or pulled. They should all but I am not an owner of an “I-phone” needed for his con- nection. J & M’s attention to detail is second to none. Every have some slack, play and be clear of sharp edges. Lastly, I recently discovered that J & M Corp. will be in connector is an exact match to your Harley. This made it town May 18 – 20 at Niehaus Cycle Sales (718 Old Route very difficult to make mistakes. In most cases you simply disconnect a Harley cable and their cable plugs in like small 66 North, Litchfield, IL 62056) along with many other vendors to help Niehaus celebrate their 32nd Customer Appreciation extension cables, right in line. What tools you need (in my opinion and experience): Set Day. Take a nice ride and follow Old Route 66 out of Ed- of “star” drivers, standard Allen wrenches, Phillips and I did wardsville right to the event, I am certainly planning to. For more information on J & M Corp, go to use one socket with an extension to reach the bolts under By John Thomas Thunder Roads Magazine 34