Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-May - Page 30

By Nick Ganim    I have written of my biking experiences for many years now. I have been published every month for an entire year. I hope you have enjoyed reading each and every one of these essays. I have twisted the pen with nearly every turn of the throttle. I have captured nearly every thought that sped through my mind with the passing wind that blew my hair and helmet strap.  I have raced to write down every experience as I raced down the highway of happiness on my Honda and Harley. This will be my last essay. Why? Because I have run out of ideas? No. I have just begun to think of new and inspiring themes to write about even after consuming so many trees for my past scribblings. Because I have no more ink in the pen? No. I could write until all the Quills and Bic’s and Mont Blanc’s in the world run dry. And then some. Because I am too busy or too bored or too displeased for some reason with writing? Absolutely not. It has been my complete joy to write and my proud privilege to share and my deepest honor for you to have read the essays and enjoy the journey with me. Because I am putting down the gloves, turning in the key, no longer touching the throttle, shutting off the engine for the final time? Never. I live to ride.  I will die riding.  That’s the only way I can die happy * *6( BF@&V66VǒvBV6BWfW'RbW2vG3*ƖfS*7V֖FrFVF*F22ג7BW76&V6W6RfR&V6VBFRgVfV@bג&rWW&V6RFR&V6FRvV2F( B7VbVfV2&V6W6RFW&R&Rv&G2FFW67&&RFPWW&V6RB2F&RvVRׂR"֒R2RBFP6R2G'VRvFF&76ƖrB2F&RWW&V6VBv0w&6VBFWW&V6RFRVVFrfFRb&rbאƖfR*g&FRFRv2ƗGFRBVrFR7VVBBv@vR&Frגf'7B&6B6fW"֖&RF&VvאVrGVBV'27'V6rFR7G&VWG2vF&FRB66W70ג&6B6fW"6Fr7G&VWB7'V6W"FאGf6rV'2r6W&VVǒVrג&6B6fW 7G&VWBvƖFR7V6FW&rF&76RऒfR&VV6FfFVB&W76VBB&VBF&FRg&VR&FPf7B*&FRr*&FR&B*&FR6ƗF'*&FR2bWfW'&FPv2גfW'7B&FR*F22ג7BW76&V6W6RfRWW&V6VBWfW'76&R&RfR&V6VBFRVvBb7'V6rFP7W'fW2B6&Vg&VR6&W'2bF2v&BfR66VFVBvFvw2b7VVBBvW"FFRVFFbfVV@76&RF&76RfR&6VFFR&vBbvV0FfǒFRg&VWv2vF&FB&Ɨ72FW&R2&PVVBFw&FR&WB*"FƲ&WB*"6&RvF* G&VbfRV&VBג&vBF&FR*g&VVF**&Ɨ72 *W7F2v'V6BWfW'֖67VR6@vW2֖RBb&GvF26VG'2FffW"*f"FfB76FBƖgG227&G2VfVv&BF𦆗2vB2FƗfRFRƖfR6WFRFgVfFRG&VFW6&VBF6WfRFRW'6Rb2FfR6&FF&V6R02vBvRV'FFVFW"&G2vR#&FrF&76RFVFW"&G2vR#