Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-May - Page 28

What’s Obvious, Becoming Irrelevant Article and Photos By: Brody Kennen beyond the law - way beyond,” and “You [must] understand… how he going to get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at Over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen an it from his point-of-view.” It’s as if we’re supposed unprecedented level of parental complacency to allow criminal activity on due to someone’s when it came to raising children. Unfortunately, economic issues. Another example, a very recent several things happened. A significant amount of one in fact, was the attempted robbery at a North excuses are made by the parents and, a similar Carolina Pizza Hut. The parents were upset by number are made on behalf of those parents by the Pizza Hut employee’s carrying of a personal third-parties. It’s dangerous to American society, firearm although their son was armed and with quite frankly. It is dangerous to your day-to-day two other assailants. Another instance was in July, activities, anywhere in the nation. You may have where a 15-year old seemingly premeditated an children and have taken pride in teaching your armed robbery under the guise of an iPhone pur- children the ins-and-outs of proper conduct. I have chase. He ended up shooting and killing a 23-year said it before, and I will say it again. The mere old male who was with his girlfriend, the original fact that humans must teach their children not target for the theft, and their 3-year old child. to steal, rape and murder is one of the best and Then, there are those whom you can watch on TV most overlooked argumentative points for firearms right now. After the presidential election, there was ownership, concealed carry and self-defense that an uptick in tantrum-throwing by adults, physical is out there. violence committed against others over assump- Humanity evolved with a physical defense tions and lies about criminal activity, which never deficiency; and instead, we came out on top due even took place, to gain attention. It should disgust to our cerebral capacity. We are the highest in the everyone to see the Participation Generation hav- chain of evolution. Our capability in self-defense ing even been raised the way they were. But, they evolved and humanity eventually developed small- were. They grew into adults by the technicality of arms; which we carry as the mainstay of self- law and now, we’re dealing with the ramifications defense because humanity has shown that it is of that parental complacency. The instances of capable of committing acts of violence against its two or three dozen personnel surrounding and own kind. We rate ourselves at the top of the dog assaulting a lone individual are on the rise and it pile, but forget to concede a crucial fact behind the most certainly makes me feel the need to carry award. We are the top of the animal kingdom. We more than a simple handgun everywhere I go. are animals. And, so, we teach our children not to The spiraling situation is forcing those of whom steal, rape and murder one another. who carry every day to remain extra vigilant. The And, this goes back to the complacency. Children attack, that could happen to you, may come from don’t stay children forever. It’s one of those things the person standing next to you in a shopping line that is a part of human evolution. A child who or from a nearby flash mob. doesn’t understand that stealing is wrong, early The other side of the coin is the “Bystander Effect”. on, may turn to armed robbery later in life. Early in I believe there’s also a growing amount of the life, it is understood that if one has absolute power “Snapchat Effect” in play on this side of the coin. over one’s opponent, they can take anything. So, You cannot walk around in life under the assump- using that logic. Some individuals, somewhere out tion that, if something goes wrong, someone will there, were never taught those lessons or those be there to save you. There are plenty of videos lessons didn’t take when they were a child. If you where you see mutual fights or assaults take place ever encounter such a person in a back alley or in while no less than a dozen people are standing a dark gas station parking lot, physically having a around, either watching or taking video. You could piece of equipment that will save your life is better say, it’s good stuff for the courtrooms and the than emotionally hoping that other person has victims, but there must be victims for that to mat- learned those lessons as a child. You will thank ter. In some of these videos, you do see someone God, in Heaven above, for that firearm. intervene. And, often, they’re doing a duty. They The whole situation has become quite a bit more are required to do something about it. You can still dynamic over the last five-years. The parental is- look around, though, at how much more expo- sue has evolved from complacency to ignorance. nential the “Bystander Effect” is. Some instances Earlier this year, there was a homeowner who shot aren’t quite so clear cut; wherein, sometimes a 17-year old who broke into her house. A cousin the intervening party is attacked by one of the of the deceased said, verbatim; “I don’t care if she bystanders themselves due to a drive of factional [had] her gun license or any of that. That is way support. It all seems ludicrous and asinine, but Thunder Roads Magazine 26 that’s the reality. The Lee County sheriff’s deputy, who was recently assaulted by a random attacker, is extremely lucky that a Concealed Weapons Permit holder was drove up into the immediate area and saw the event unfold. The Good Samaritan was forced to shoot and kill the assailant due to the man ignoring the commands to cease his assault on the deputy. The target of this incident was, again, badged and openly armed and this incident extends credence the premise that there is are people that didn’t learn age-old, childhood lessons or just don’t give a damn. Given how little regard is being shown, by an increasing number of individu- als – for Law Enforcement Officers – where do you think civilians fit into the equation? And, as a secondary issue, you’ve seen the argument against this kind of thing before. The liberals have said many times that there aren’t incidents where some legally-armed civilian saves someone’s life. Those individuals, from the Anti-Firearms Coali- tion, want good people with firearms to be there for them during a dire situation. The only differ- ence between those two groups is that – with the appropriate mindset, training and armament – the good guy could be them. The problem with the rest of us is that we haven’t appropriately adapted and we’ve known what was coming for a decade or more. You need to watch out and help someone in distress; like that CHL holder who saved the sheriff’s deputy. You must be willing to sit down and discuss differences with people because that’s how you get people to calm down. Do your research and fight sound verbal battles against opponents of your belief system – without the use of flagrant language, of course. Why? Just ask the left-wing the usage of flagrant language being used on others has worked out for them this year. The Participation Generation – the generation of “I didn’t get my way” – is here and they are extremely easy to emotionally compro- mise. And those emotionally-compromised people turn to violence at the drop of a hat. It’s our job – all our jobs – to educate people. Especially on our Second Amendment rights. If we don’t, it will be each and every one of our faults.