Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-May - Page 26

Remedy on a 2000 Road King that Jack later sold to Chip Davis who then took the bike back to Krambo’s for a customized rebuild and specialized paint job. That took it to a much higher level and now it’s a show winner extraordinaire, that Road King being nicknamed Ruby. There were a few other bikes swapped here and there but you get the point. Advance to 2016 and the opportunity came up for Jack and Jodi to buy Chris’ chopper, which is now known as Remedy, and another episode begins. After purchasing In 2007, Chris Krampe, co-owner with Beth Remedy, a few changes were made, which in- Krampe, of Krambo’s, built a sleek chopper start- cluded an 8” over hard body springer front end, ing with an Ultima 8” up hardtail frame and a spring solo seat, replacing the fly bars with 2” 2007 Evo Harley Davidson motor. Chris added a risers and 14” apes. We also replaced foot and 3 3/8 Ultima exposed primary, a set of 12” over hand controls, and head light. tubes were added to the front end, and a 200 tire 2017 has a new paint job and pipes waiting in to the back. He then added one of his custom the wings, as well as, a few other changes for paint jobs and the rest is history. Chris showed the chopper. But for now, we are just waiting on the bike and won several awards with it. spring. Here’s to future paints and more buys In 2007, Jack and Jodi Gobin had the opportu- from Krambo’s! nity to meet Chris to get some custom paint on a 2007 Victory Kingpin. Since that time there have Photography by Rebel Fotoz, Darlene Schopmeyer been several paint jobs on various bikes includ- Hayes and Marlon W Mathews ing a 1974 Shovelhead bought from, customized and sold back to Chris. A 1989 Sporty custom- ized and later sold to Chris, and a customized 1982 sporty. We had Chris do a custom flame job Owners: Jodi and Jack Gobin Thunder Roads Magazine 24 Thunder Roads Magazine 25