Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-May - Page 24

w o h C g Ho By John Thomas For May, we’re giving you a second dose of De Soto. This is a first as we always try to mix it up. We spotted The Dog House (602 S 2nd St, De Soto, MO) when we were in De Soto for last month’s Hog Chow at the Junction Café. The Dog House lot was full and we were hungry so went back to Junction Café and have no regrets what- soever. With our interests peaked we did some check- ing on The Dog House and decided we needed to go back. When we visited, it was Cheryl, her dad, Jim and I. Once again, they were pretty full but had tables open. It didn’t take us long to order as we had already been scoping out the menu on line and pretty much knew what we wanted. Their menu has a nice assortment of choices: a selection of appetizers, salads, bowls of fries, (yes bowls, everything is served in dog bowls) 3/4lb burgers, sandwiches and pizzas. For appetizers we ordered chicken wings and “Dog Balls”. Yeah, you can think that sounds gross until you hear how they’re made. Breaded cheese balls wrapped with maple bacon and deep fried. Oh man, they were good! They also of- fer Dragon Balls, the same thing but with jalapeno in it. The wings were about the biggest we have ever seen, seriously. Cheryl had a Dog House Salad, Jim ordered a bacon cheese burger and I had the roast beef sand- wich. Cheryl’s salad was fresh, delicious and huge. Jim’s burger looked killer good and he concurred that it was. My roast beef sandwich was so big it was hard to eat without it falling out and the flavor was just as big. This was a first for Cheryl and I, seeing her dad not completely finish what he ordered. I already mentioned everything comes served in dog bowls. Sandwiches and burgers come served on top of a bowl filled with fries. Neither Jim nor I finished our fries. With the ap- petizers, it was just too much but we both tried pretty hard. Something we noticed about everyone and found ourselves doing too. Every time something comes out of the kitchen, you’re compelled to look and see what it is. Check out my photos and go to their Facebook page and look some more and you’ll get a feel for what I’m talking about. They brought out a pizza that looked incredible. It had lots of toppings on a thin crispy crust. I wanted to go over and take a picture but figured that would be too weird. We actually thought about order- ing one to go but then figured it would give us another reason to come back. I almost fell off my chair when they brought out a burger (mind you all burgers are ¾ lb.) to the teenager at the table next to us that had two glazed doughnuts for buns. Ouch! You have to check this place out for yourself and bring your appetite. You may still find yourself coming home with a doggie bag. Thunder Roads Magazine 22