Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-May - Page 14

THE ROAD Less Traveled and farms. On Lake Champlain Islands, gorgeous views of the lake can be seen at almost every bend in the road. This byway runs along the northern length of Lake Champlain and uses parts of US Route 2 in the north The inspiration for this month’s ride begins with a stack of light, fluffy and US Route 7 in Chittenden. The byway splits and leaves Route 7 in buttermilk pancakes. And what stack of pancakes would be complete without good old fashioned maple syrup? It’s the maple syrup that is going Middlebury. The Connecticut River National Byway travels along Route 91 in Vermont and along Routes 2 and 3 in New Hampshire. The Connecticut to take us to where the most maple syrup is manufactured, Vermont. River Byway parallels and occasionally crosses the eastern and western Located in the northeastern United States, Vermont is bordered by shores of the Connecticut River. The byway and the river trace the history Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, New York to the of the region from long before the European arrival on this continent. On west and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. Vermont can be easily overlooked as a motorcycle destination mainly due to its size but this this byway, you can ride across a 465-foot covered bridge that dates back to 1866. Our next ride is tucked between the Taconic Mountains and the would be a mistake. From north to south, Vermont is 159 miles long with Green Mountains. its greatest width from east to west being 89 miles wide. The narrowest Located on Route 7A is the Shires of Vermont Byway which runs from width of Vermont is only 37 miles wide located at the Massachusetts state Pownal to Manchester, Vermont. The Shires of Vermont is a place of line. The west bank of the Connecticut River marks the state’s eastern majestic mountain views, brilliant fall foliage and wonderful towns like border with New Hampshire. Lake Champlain, the sixth-largest body of Bennington and Manchester. Historic Route 7A runs parallel to the Long fresh water in the United States, separates Vermont from New York in the Trail which is a hiker’s path that follows the length of Vermont and is part northwestern portion of the state. Within these 9,250 square miles of land of the Appalachian Trail. Each town on the Shires Byway has its own which make up the state of Vermont, you will find tree lined country roads ambiance and story to tell. Pownal has organic farms against a backdrop and scenic mountains which will beckon you to return time after time. It’s of mountains. Bennington is a pretty place with interesting dining and these country roads that we are going to explore for our ride this month. shopping. Old Bennington is the home of the Bennington Battle Monument Vermont has several mountains which have timberlines with delicate year- and is filled with traditional New England architecture. The distance round alpine ecosystems. The Green Mountains are located entirely within between Pownal to Manchester is only 33 miles which allows for plenty of the state an [ܝ]^[[\[X][H LZ[\B[YB܂YYZ[˜[^ܚ[˂H[YX[ܙ\H]H[HوX\X\]ˈHY\وBY[HZHY]\H\KH[[ۈ\\ۙHY[B[[Z[\[[X[ٚY[XXX\HZYو LY]]]B^\Y[K\YH\\HZ^وXY[XZ[Y’[[ۈXZZ[[Xۙ] HY] [[Y\œYHوH\و\[۝8&\] X[[\HY˂]8&\ZHH\]]\HY]Hٙ\B[Y][ۋB]H\HܛX[\\]H][ܙY[[[Z[]^H][YHۜو]\\H[B[˜BYBق[YXˈHYHY[]H[H][[Z]ۂ]Y[H[HوHܝ\ܙY[[[Z[H\[B[[ۂY Y[H\[Y]وH[H۝[[ۂXZوHܘ\\[HHX\ ][[[ۙH]^BY X\Y۝•\[Y[۝[YH\[۝ L T ݚY\[[Y]و[YXY\[[[ܙ\[]ZBBY۝• LL T[]܈ HZ[K\\Hۙ˜HXX[\[[Z[X \[۝8&\]H L ݙ\X\H Z[]\KZBBY]Y]]\ܛ\۝ LL KYX\قZ[\\][X]\[^\[H\[HHXZوB][][Y[\ LL BٙB'\Yو\[۝8'H\[[]ܙY[[[Z[ˈY[[]H]\ܙ\X\ۙHو\[۝8&\\œXZ[[\\XY[ L \œ[ݘ][ۂ\[ٛܛYY B\]Y\[Z[ۋH]^H[]HX\H[YX[L B[˜BY\&\œ\Y\K• LL Bš]™[\H][\X˜ܙ\XY[ܝ\H[Z[ۋH]^H\\]B] LL [[[] B[\B]B\˜\[X][BL\ۈ]^HHX\\]YHۈو\ۋܘ[[HX\BZ[\›ۙ˜[\œ[Bق\˜[Y\[˜\\™܂[\Y[›ZY[ۈ\[X]H\]XY[HXY]\[^KY\X\\K[ۙ[Hو\HY[H[\Z[HHXH[Bܛ[[\]HK[H[[KۙHو\[۝8&\[[[\š[[[\\[۝X\H\\ ]ZYHHX\H\\]][B[Y\ˈHܙY[[[Z[]^H[X\Hܝ\ܙ\]\Y[[H[H[[[Z[ˈ]\[ H[X]H\]\[۝]][HHY[[HX]]Y[YX[Y\[HZ[X܈[ܙKHX\[وHZ\\][H]\[[XY[[ܙBH^[YH[H]ۈHXو[Z\\[Y[X\B]H\ˈ\YH[H\]Y[\ݙ\\\\[[š[\][ۂ܈[\^[ܘXHYHZYH\[ۈHXH[ۈ[YH\[[ۙHY܈]H[ \x&\XHܙX[B۝ق[K[Y[X\܈[\^]YH܈[\^]]N™XܞKYBYBYB]&\\^KQ]Yۈ\H]Y[\\YH[]BHZH[\Z[]^H\]Yۈ]H []H [\™]\B^KLZ[\[[ \]^HX\HX\\ܙHوX]]Y[ZB[\Z[[[Y\YH[[ܝ[ۜX\[]وHۂYHYKY›وZYX\KH]^HݚY\H۝[[\X[Hو\\ۜ•[\YXY^[H L[\YXY^[H L