Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-May - Page 12

Back again with more info… Tis the season for lots of riding time!! First off did ya check n make sure the bike is ready?? How bout you?? If it’s been awhile ya might wanna be a bit more cautious the first couple rides. And watch out for the Azzhole that’s gunna cut ya off!!! Yup… We’ve already heard of several Right Turn and Pull Out in front of ya accidents. Now we’re waiting to see if any charges get filed. BE CAREFUL ! ! ! We’re still doin good but slow on the Legislative stuff. It’s that time of session when everything gets into a logjam mode. Helmet, Right of Way, Texting, Autocycle and Towing bills are slowly moving along. Now’s when you’ll see bill language showing up as amendments on other bills. It’s confusing at times from here on out. Good news ABATE is growing again. Checkout ABATE for Missouri State Fair Chapter on Facebook. They just started up around Sedalia and have over 30 members.. WOW!!! By the time ya get the next article it’ll all be over. As you can see ABATE is much more than a Helmet bill pusher. There’s lots more stuff out there affecting our lives. If ya don’t like what they’re doin, all I can say is --- Sign up or Shut up!!! Tony Shepherd Lobbyist ABATE Missouri Thunder Roads Magazine 10 Thunder Roads Magazine 11