Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-June - Page 44

ON OR NEAR THE WATER DIP 1 Large Red Pepper; medium chop 1 Can of Sweet Corn; drained 1 Medium Sweet Onion; medium chop 1/2 Cup of Sliced Black Olives 1 Large Jalapeno, medium chopped (remove seeds) 1 Packet of dry Ranch Dressing Mix 2 Large Tubs of Whipped Philly Cream Cheese Just chop everything and put in in a really bright but plastic serving bowl, add the Whipped Philly, stir till well combined and serve up with Scoops or any fave chip. I always add several dashes of Sriracha hot sauce (in condiment aisle w/ other hot sauces) and I squeeze half a lime over all when done. This has the best burst of fresh flavor and a perfect dip for poolside or out on the water. So good and makes you thirsty for ice cold refreshment. *see last recipe. Oh, Yeah! E-Zest LOBSTER TAILS Preheat oven broiler. Lay your lobster tail flat on counter. Take a pair of kitchen serrated scissors and just cut straight down the front of tail all the way to the back of the fan-tail. Gently pull it open slightly and reach in and loosen lobster tail flesh while being sure not to pull fan-tail flesh loose. Sit the flesh right on top of where you just made the center cut and it now has the perfect position for broiling. Mix garlic powder in melted butter to taste, salt & pepper tails, then squeeze lemon or lime juice all over tails and let soak in and then brush the melted butter w/ garlic powder thor- oughly over each tail. Broil no longer than 8 mins. each. Remove from broiler and brush w/ but- ter sauce again. Serve very hot w/ each person getting a small bowl of real butter; melted and a wedge of lemon or lime. I always do a timed 7 mins. for a medium tail as don’t like chewy at all. There’s literally 100’s of spices you can melt in your butter before brushing on and broiling. Get Creative! SMOKEY CARIBBEAN COLESLAW 1 Medium Bag of Shredded Coleslaw Mix 1 Cup of Real Mayo 1/2 Cup of /12 & 1/2 Cream 1 Tbl. of Smoked Paprika Salt & Pepper to Taste 1/2 Cup of Sweet Relish 1 Medium Sweet Vidalia Onion; medium chop 1 Level Tbl. of Apple Cider Vinegar 1 Heaping Tbl. of Sugar Put your coleslaw mix in a bright serving bowl. Salt & Pepper cabbage mix thoroughly and add the relish and oni on. In any glass jar you have add the other ingredients and shake it up, baby. When all smooth pour generously all over cab- bage mix. Make sure all coated and cover w/ Press N’ Seal wrap and put in fridge until super cold. Serve with anything grilled, but great w/ lobster also. If needs more smoked paprika then add a couple dashes more. You want that smoky flavor. BANGIN’ BLUEBERRY LEMONADE 1 Bottle of Lemon Vodka Mix up a pitcher full of Country Time Lemonade Mix 1 Small crate of Fresh Blueberries for garnish; wet them and sprinkle granulated sugar all over 1 6-Pack of Frostie (brand) Blue Cream Soda (get at larger WallyWorld) Use a glass or Lucite pitcher to show off the gorgeous color of this cocktail. Do a 1/2 lemon- ade, 1/2 Lemon Vodka & 1/2 Blue Cream Soda mixture. Pour over crushed ice and garnish w/ sugared blueberries. SO good! Go ahead and get 2 bottles of Lemon Vodka and tell everyone you’re just being efficient. :) SO refreshing! Thunder Roads Magazine 42