Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-June - Page 12

Hey guys n gals we got good news and bad... Good news is we got 3 issues passed for motorcyclists. We worked together with Joe from FORR and really busted butt getting anything we could for ya. 1st -- When ya take a Riders Ed course and pass, your completion certificate is good at DMV for written and skills test! Before it was just for the skills test. You have up to 1 year to get the endorsement added to your license for it to be legal. 2nd -- The Autocycle will be in a class by itself. Now you no longer need a motorcycle endorsement or helmet to operate those type vehicles. They’re supposed to be issuing different tags also. 3rd -- Registration for tags will be moved to June instead of April for mot &76W2ƗGFR&B&WGFW"vVFW"rFR&BWw22FBvR7FvBFF'VWG2P6F6VfR'6V66Gf"FBR&W&FVࢇF2vBB2VFVB4#BFFVB6PwVvRFV6V66G( 2WBG'V6r7V7F&vVFRvrvBFVv66GfVBvF7G&W"wVvR@b67&WvVBvV^( 27FVBW2f"FR7BBV'2*WV7BW"WF7W&6RFvW&B66V66GvB&76VB&6rW"&62֖V6fW&vR&FW26*'FRv6V66G2Wf"&RVV7FF2V"W7BfFP*^( 26WF7BV2Bg&Ɩ6VG67FGVVB*G2vvF$DRw&vrv&RFW"2FV6&W72g&&Vǒ7GWBV"Vfb6G**F2Ff"FR7W'BvBVW7F2&WBגfWwG2&fRW7BvR6WBF6WW&@&FV6Уc3b#CSFVFW"&G2vRFVFW"&G2vR