Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2018-April - Page 36

By Dennis Martin Nights. Tony is working on bringing ‘Route 66 Bike Night’ back to the St. Louis Metro Area. In between all these The Motorcycle Swap Meet in Belleville, IL was estab- events, Tony has kept busy with his daytime job as well lished in 1985. With Thunder Alley Promotions being as operating his other business, American Performance the driving force of the swap meet for a number of years, Motorcycle Company. His shop has been in business since this event has become very well organized and has been 1990 and every time I visit, they are elbows deep working adapted to meet the expectations of the motorcycle commu- on bikes. His new motto should be, “Buy it at the Sunday nity. Tony (owner of Thunder Alley Promotions) has listened swap meet and I’ll install it that week.” I don’t know if he to the community and has added vendors to cater to the ever sleeps. riders of today. In addition to new and used parts vendors, The swap meet on April 15th will be an indoor/outdoor today’s riders want to find great deals on riding gear, vest event (weather permitting). The swap meet in Spring is patches, motorcycle memorabilia, and even motorcycle jew- larger than the others they host throughout the year; for the elry. Looking for a road-ready bike, it will be there. Looking simple reason that everyone is getting ready for the main for a project bike, it will be there. Looking for a painter, they riding season. The gates at the Belle-Clair Fairgrounds will be there. Looking for an electric bike for the kiddo, it open for the early bird at 7am and general admission be- will be there. This list can go on and on… gins at 10am. Naturally Thunder Roads Magazine will be Thunder Alley Promotions is used to having a large atten- there. For their latest info, go to Thunder Alley Promotions dance at their events. In addition to the swap meets, they on Facebook. If you’re wanting to reserve a booth, call are known for hosting Bike Shows, Bike Rallies, and Bike 618-781-3169 or 618-708-0097. Thunder Roads Magazine 34