Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2017-September - Page 34

by: Reine Knobbe nize a bigger better ride along with other volunteers. This time 19 widows showed up! If you want a feel good story, keep reading! Eight years Jan and I were invited to participate in the “Widows Ride” ago Tim Swofford was the Chairman of Deacons at Troy as they needed more drivers than the year before. What First Baptist Church. One of his duties was to work with a blessing to be asked to participate! The day started with the widows in their church community. One Saturday Tim a briefing for the widows who range in age from 60 to 93 used his motorcycle to help tell a story relating back to the years-young. Most have never ridden a motorcycle before, church. At the end of this meeting Tim jokingly asked if others only a few times and still others not since their hus- anyone wanted a ride. As Tim stated, the joke was on him bands have passed. Helmets were fitted and advice was as Gladys, who happened to be 85 years-young at the time, given on what to expect. At the same time the drivers were raised her hand. So Tim gave her a ride that evening. It briefed on the route. After prayers everyone headed out to was her first time on the bike and Gladys had so much fun pair up with their respective partners for the day. It takes she asked for another ride the following week. This time time getting up into the saddle when you’ve got artificial sh R6vVBWvFW"g&VB'FFV6bFVVW2"2"W7B7Ffb'F&F2FRwW2vW&R6FV@&VBFR&6vV2gFVV2ƖfRFVgBF2VrFRvVBv2vFW&gVFvFW72WfW'P&Vf"fWrV'2BFB2rF27F'&Vv2v&rFvWFW"VvrBfrgVW7BFrWvVFfVB&6FRv&26VBf"FW 6WfW&bW2FfbW7BVBbFRw&WF6GW&P&FRFb6W'6R6ƖVB2&FFW2vW&Rr FV2FW&B'6WfW&&V2rFR&WFR2vVV'2זVrF2FRFW6vVBWvFWfV&P2B&F&W7B7F2FRv&2vW&RVvrBFPg&VG2Fv26WvB&W&VBBBVVv7FFrFBFWfVBƖRFWvW&R&VrfvV@FW"G&fW'2FFRbFVf"vW"&FRFRfb'FR&FRf'7B&W7B7Fv2BfƖ#bFWB6V6gVFW&WVW7FVBWBFW"FRFvb6WvW&RvFW"B7G&WF6'&V&FRF2FRF6VB&Vf&6VVG2B4'&ЧvW&R&fFVB6VBRVrGb6RvVBƖPV626FW"7FWVBWFFRFRFV&vЦW"VWBFVfb66RvRvW&RFW&Rf"&RFFVFW"&G2vR3 fWr֖WFW26R7FFVB( FRB2FV6G&V&RFWBB&6( FR6V6B7Fv2Bv27FFV6&W''vW&RRbFRG&fW'2'6W'fVBw&WbFRvV6֖rWBvF6G&'2VvrBvvvƖpƖR66v&2FRf7Fv2B6'2&W7FW&BvfVBFFR'GVGF6FRVBvV&WBFP&W7B'BbFRFW&R&RW7BfWrVFW3( trW7Btr( Ӳ( FR&B&W76VBW2vFvFW&gVVR@vVFW"( Ӳ( ĒdTBB( Ӳ( F22ǒג6V6BFRF&76Rf'7BFRv2W7B&VBFR&6F22&VǐvBR6Ɨfr( Ӳ( V&B( Ӳ( w&VBG&fW.( Ӳ( vRvB7BBBFGW&&VB( FW&^( 2RWfW'w&W( 6VVrFRf6W2bF6RFBfRWfW"&FFV&Vf&R( Ӳ( 6WFr667&F6fbג'V6WBƗ7B( FRG&fW'2vBWfW'R6fVǒ&6FG&f'7B&F7B6W&6FR6֖W2WfW'^( 2f6W26BBvBgV&W76VBFBvW&R6gVbW72BFRVBbFRFvB&W76VBW2vF&VR6W2Bw&V@FVW&GW&W266FW&rBv2VwW7B֗76W&RFB6&rF27F'WG26֖RW"f6RB&PWfVFRVFW66F7F'BW"v( vF~( 2&F^( 'FRvBvvW"&R6VBFR( vF~( 2&F^( 2FPGv2V"BFW2FB7F'FVBF2vG2B'&VVBBFR( G&f'7B&F7B&W"&&W2&F^( 'FPv'FRVBbFRFFWB&FFV֖W2B&Bf"f'7B&FRF( BFFVFW"&G2vR30