Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2017-September - Page 18

Well Hello again... Hope ya’ll been havin’ a great sum- mer. Keep your riding time open for more events coming up. BB&BBQ, Ozark Lakefest, Rat Run and a few more are still coming up. Real sorry to hear about SOP being closed down, as it was always a fun place that truly supported motorcyclists.. Damn it all... Now to the icky stuff -- ABATE has already set up next year’s Legislative Agenda and have a few sponsors already in Jeff City. It’s lookin’ like it’ll be a bit of some crazy stuff as many Reps and Senators are leaving after 2018. Nobody’s real sure how that’s gonna play out?? Might get interest- ing?? One thing that is staying the same is people askin’; “How’s the helmet thing goin’??” “When are we going to ride free in Missouri?” “What can we do about all these cagers killin’ us??” “Why am I being stopped and profiled by these cops??” Yea we keep hearing also that ain’t nothing gonna change and the helmet bill ain’t never gonna pass.. Blahhh Blahhh Blahhh... Ya know you’re right!! ‘Cause you keep sittin’ on your asses and bitchin’ instead of joining together and screaming for your rights!! Simple answer to that folks.. Are ya a member of ABATE?? Or FORR?? Yea, ya read it right; both groups are in there ... Are YOU??? Tony Shepherd To the surprise of a lotta folks, Lobbyist ABATE MO 636-240-5009 we’ve been working on stuff together. That’s right, TOGETH- ER!! Some folks don’t like that Tri-County Chapter and they still get all butt hurt Eli Shepherd about it. Guess what -- I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS!! You want to get these things KC Area Andy Ringling done so you can ride free without being harassed, then ya Joplin/ Springfield Area need to get up and start doing Chris something. Maybe you can 417-396-4936 understand it put more bluntly -- SIGN UP OR SHUT UP -- that plain enough?? Rolla Area Now when ya get finished Helen 573-263-5121 bein’ all butt hurt, just think St Joe Area about what have you done to FB -Abate For Missouri get this crap done?? Jesse James Chapter It’s your choice... keep doin’ what your doin’ and nuthin’s St Charles Area gonna change. You’re still Facebook –Tri-County ABATE gonna get harassed, cagers Chapter 4647 are gonna kill ya and walk away with NO charges filed and that damn helmet will stay on your head. YOUR CHOICE Ck out ABATE for Missouri on Facebook. Thunder Roads Magazine 16 Thunder Roads Magazine 17