Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2017-September - Page 12

RAH Recovery From Addiction With Hope By John Thomas Here are some stats they shared with me. We had 202 participants and well over 100 bikes today. Missouri has We rode the “I Hate Heroin” ride for heroin awareness, over 400,000 heroin users. Up to 27,000 of those are only training & education which was held at the House Springs 12 to 17 years old, 44,000 are veterans, 4,100 are pregnant Lions Club. The 10 board members are either former heroin women and 3,000 children are displaced by abuse each users, lost a loved one or know someone who has lost a year. This is just Missouri. Read those numbers again, they loved one to heroin. The level of energy coming from this are horrible. This is a totally preventable issue through group is unlike that I have ever seen. education, understanding and awareness. Our next best, Their Mission is to help support the families, bring the first line of defense starts with the families and friends talk of the illness to hope, healing, and opportunity. Since recognizing the issues and symptoms and helping our loved some board members are former users, with their first-hand ones get the help they need. Please go to: www.rahjeffco. knowledge they have a better ability to relate and help org to learn more about this amazing group and their efforts people in need, while helping their families and friends cope to fight heroin. Find out what you can do to help them or and help in the recovery process. It can be difficult to get someone you love. into programs that provide help, sometimes taking up to a Please understand, I am not a professional journalist. I year to get in. Not to mention most programs last up to a typically write articles for Thunder Roads for fun. With what year. They help make it happen faster and assist with the I learned today and the dedicated people I met, this article costs. After treatment, they help find jobs to continue the was not fun to write. Instead, it has brought tears to my healing process. These are huge benefits but they have eyes. So many lost loved ones, such wonderful people try- costs and it is the costs they need help with. ing to help and all over something so completely senseless. Thunder Roads Magazine 10 Thunder Roads Magazine 11