Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2017-November - Page 6

BIKERS BEHIND THE BADGE It Was a Challenge but the Outcome a Great Success By Lelia Watermon have to leave and get back to what they do best by protecting the community. Of course a big thank you for your presence in the Flight Paramedic Helicop- It was Sept. 30th 2017 and there were a lot of things happening from St. ter which consisted of Travis Gregg-the Pilot, Kelly Koeber-Flight RN, and of Louis, MO all the way to Godfrey, IL. The weather was perfect for riding course Ryan Novak-Flight Paramedic. It was an honor to have you join us and yet so many clubs, their families & friends all got together to welcome and educate us on things we had no understanding of what you go through everyone to a huge well organized benefit to support the Biker’s Behind on a day to day job. Badge 2nd year of success. This event was held at the Alton Moose Lodge Then of course there was Max Robertson the administrator of the Moose 951 located in Godfrey, IL. Lodge 951, who was a complete pleasure to have met. Max explained that When I first arrived, it seemed endless of all the appreciations I got for the Moose Lodge is a private lodge yet they encourage members to bring being there, to see this group shine in the end with smiles upon their faces guests to visit their establishment which sits on ab ] L܈[ܙHXܙ\ق[HYH[YY]^H[Y]YZ[H]HYX[^HZ\Y [ H^HX]]Y[XZ[Z[Y\K[]Z\H[H[XYHHY[X\[ݙ\ HZ\[Z[Y\[Y[ZH[Z[H[[Y]Y[N M LM \x&\[\][H[Y[X\H[HH\ܝH[YH[\ܝHX[ZH\Hو\[B[\]XH][˂\H[YY [ H܈ۜX[\][[[B H[[H܈HܙX] [H[ٙۙ\[]\X]\X\]Y[[[[Z[HQH\وH][ [˜[]\YH[[[]H]X[ۙY][\˂Y]HKوK[ۋY\K\ܙS X[HX]\KHY[[HYHX\ۋR[[܈\[Hܘ\BZ\YZ[]]\K\H \ۈK\[K0[ۋS [[\˜[܈]\[[\Hۙ\[[H]H\Hܛ\X\KQܙX][ܚXYKX܈Y[KYH]\0[H]K؈\ HH^H[[ۙHYYHܘ\\[ N MLKL L ܂[x&[H\H\H\[ܙHHY&]] ][[H܈[\\ܝ [[܈XY[[Z[HX\\[[ܘXH][˂[وHٙX\Y\ܝHY\]\YۛH•[\YXY^[H [\YXY^[H