Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2017-November - Page 24

w o h C g o H By John Thomas We had ridden past The Dew Drop Inn (710 Hwy 61, Bloomsdale, MO 63627) a number of times. There would always be a few bikes and cars in the lot and sometimes more than others. We typically already had other plans and were headed to or from somewhere and never stopped. When (Tookie, Chris, Cheryl and I) finally made our stop in at the Dew Drop Inn, we realized we had made a mistake for not check- ing it out sooner. Cheryl saw their signature Bloody Mary on a table and said she was going to have one of those. Looking around you can tell they put a ton of effort into revamping the place in 2015 and expanding in 2016. It’s just a very cool place and quite sizeable. They made it all new but with using reclaimed old stuff. Alicia came over to help us out and take our drink orders. Of course, Cheryl got her Bloody Mary. OMG, it’s practically a meal in a mug! After bringing our drinks, Alicia was ready for our orders. Tookie and Chris had fried mozzarella sticks for an appetizer, Tookie ordered a pizza and Chris had a bacon cheese burger with beets. Cheryl and I had dirty nacho fries for our appetizer, Cheryl ordered buffalo shrimp and I ordered the Texas burger. All of the food was perfect, every last bite. My Texas burger was insane, I had to cut it in half to even stand a chance. Chris was silent while enjoying his burger. I think Tookie brought half of her pizza home. Cheryl’s shrimp were unlike anything you’d find at a “chain” re staurant. I sure hope the photos show just how good the food really was. Oh, and Alicia was adorable, look at that smile. Thunder Roads Magazine 22