Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2017-November - Page 18

The Element of the Ride By Mystic Rider    Sitting all day at the computer doing my work in a windless, airless, sunless environment devoid of any support for the senses the time arrives to take a ride.   Leaving behind this lifeless world of work I jump out of my Captain’s Seat and onto my motorcycle’s seat.    Trading a static machine for a more exhilarating dynamic machine I fire up the engine with the turn of the key.    Immediately she responds with a powerful vibration and a familiar purr.   The growl of my bike signals to me she’s ready for another venture into the visceral joys that only a bike ride in the elements can give.   Nature responds generously with a million thrills when one surrenders himself to it on a bike.   I feel the warmth of the sun upon my face as I follow its lead onto the roadway.   I am touched by the breeze of the warm wind flowing over my body caressing me with its gentle kiss.   I smell the sweet scent of honeysuckle blooming in the Spring air.   I hear the birds singing, car engines grinding, truck mufflers roaring and the occasional piercing sirens of police cars and ambu- lances and fire engines as First Responders fly down the roadways to yet another citizen in need or crime in action.   I dodge the pot holes in the roadway twisting and turning the bike ever so slightly with supreme precision by the mere shifting of my weight in coordination with the thrust of the throttle and pressure of the brake.   Before long I am transported once again into a vibrant world that enlivens the senses, invigorates the mind, stimulates the heart and rouses the soul from its routine work-slumber.   Every experience on the road on a motorcycle revitalizes the Rider bringing back to life once more his long-lost spirit of fun and adventure.   If there is a miracle possible to bring one back from the dead this is it!  The bike resurrects me from the death of mundane daily activities required by Life simply to exist.   While the roadways are as familiar as the veins on the back of my hands still each trip on the bike renews my sense of apprecia- tion for the experience only a motorcycle ride can give.   No other vehicle can offer the thrill of the ride that a bike can.  It’s worth all the risk associated with riding my two-wheeled trea- sure in a sea of four-wheeled monstrosities.   Commanding control of the cycle renews confidence in my ability to command my world.  It proves beyond a doubt that I have not lost the capacity for joy.   There is not another experience in life so readily available or as electrifying as a ride down the road on my magnificent machine.   I return not exhausted.  Not scared nor scarred from close encounters.  Not dismayed nor disappointed in the ride.   I return alive.    In spirit.   Once again.   Riding my motorcycle I find myself in my element as I bliss-out on every experience that makes up the Element of the Ride. Thunder Roads Magazine 16 Faithful & True To His Trade By Lelia Watermon I’d like to introduce you to a man who has a trade, one that is so specialized that it can benefit us all. His name is Dennis; he’s a 2nd Generation Shoe Cobbler. If he’s not working on his trade he’s spend- ing time with his family, or riding along scenic routes, and or spending time with his other family- “The Faithful Few” a Motorcycle Ministry group”. Dennis called me to ask questions on placing an ad in Thunder Roads Magazine. We agreed to meet and discuss the details. During our conversation I learned quite a bit about him. Besides being a member of the Faithful Few M/M, he is a Christian, a father of 3, and a grandfather of 8. I found that he has a talent that very few still work with, that being a shoe cobbler. He works 3-4 days out of a week, de- pending on what is needed to complete his work. He specializes in soles, for men, women and children’s shoes/boots. He also specializes in Vibrum soles which are truly something all riders can benefit from. It’s a sole that can be placed on most outside foot wear. This special sole is known for its longer lasting wear. It’s fire resistant, low oil resistant and excellent for riders. I can testify to that as I can’t tell you how many cowgirl boots I’ve worn to ride my bike, forget- ting that the stitches do wear out quickly from hitting that concrete and or pavement. Dennis specializes in orthopedic wear, custom leather work and has shipping available for those of us that are out of town. So here’s the deal - mention seeing the ad and get an additional 10% off. Let’s support this guy in his trade. With the winter months ahead of us, there are all kinds of ways we can think of repairing our loved ones boots to make them safer for riding motorcycles or work outside, as well as our own boots. Did I mention he works on boots & shoes for industrial, orthopedics, military, firemen and policemen. So give him a call at 636-288-5569, if he’s not there he will return your call within 24 hours. Thunder Roads Magazine 17