Thunder Roads Magazine MO/So. IL 2017-November - Page 14

THE ROAD Less Traveled state-line at Ironwood to Sault Ste. Marie. In between it follows US Highway 2 to Wakefield. Take M-28 to Bergland and M-64 to Ontonagon. At Ontonagon, the LSCT continues east along M-38 to M-26. It follows M-26 to Houghton and then follows US 41 north to Copper Harbor. There Our adventure this month will require plenty of advance preparation in order to insure a trouble free, fun and exciting ride. You will need to plan is a loop route along M-203 between Hancock and Calumet. Travelers following the tour will need to backtrack down US 41 to Houghton and for one to two weeks of travel time, your bike should be in top notch then follow US 41 back to M-28 in Covington. US 41/M-28 takes the shape and you will need to have your passport current. This month tour to Harvey where M-28 carries it eastward. There is a spur routing we are going to take a ride around Lake Superior. The ride around the along M-77 running north from Seney to Grand Marais. The mainline lake is approximately 1,300 miles which doesn’t include the distance tour departs from M-28 to loop northward along M-123 through Newberry traveled to get to the starting point. Lake Superior is the largest of the to Paradise and back to M-28. The mainline tour departs from M-28 Great Lakes of North America and is often one of the most overlooked for a third time until reaching Interstate 75 (I-75) where it follows the scenic rides of the Mid-West. The lake is shared by the Canadian freeway north to Sault Ste. Marie. It leaves Michigan on the Sault Ste. province of Ontario to the north and the US states of Minnesota to the Marie International Bridge into Ontario. The border crossing is open west, and Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the south. 24 hours but getting through the checkpoints can be time-consuming. It is generally considered the largest freshwater lake in the world by T H[\][ۘ[YH]\\]\H[Y\]][K\XH\XH[Hܛ8&\\ [\\\]\ZHH[YKX\YH\H\H][ۈ]وX[[]]\YXˈ]8&\\H\[Y]\[ZH\\[܈ݙ\H[\H[X\[\X[[[\܈][\[Y[H\Yۂوܝ[][Y\XHH\وۙH Hܙ[[HقHYKYX[ݙ\H[Y\[\ZHXܛBHZH]\܈ ̍Z[\X\\\Hܚ^۝[YYK]Y[H[&]] H\H\\YܙH[H][BوH[\H[]Y]\ˈܛYYH[[Y[[\[B\\Xܛ[YXˈ\H\HY[]Y[H][ۘ[X[XX[\[ XYXH\ܘYH\XHوH[YX[X[˂Y[ܛHH[H[\H^KHY[ۈ\[[“ۘH[۝\[H\]HY]Y][KX\YBHZH\X[Z[\[X\\\ۋ[\[X[ H\[ۈو\HX\H[[Z[\][\HHHܙ\Y^H MH[P[YHY^K]Y^H Mܝ[ۙH[[Z[\ܙ[[HYH[[HY[ۈو۝\[˂Y\Y[[HXZ\XX]]H[[\Y[ۋHY^H\\H\ NLZ[\ܝو][KX\YH[HܙX]Z\\H\  H\H[و\]\\[šYHܝ\ܙHوHZH\Yۋ]YY]Y^H LKXXوHܙX]Z\]H^\[ۈوZH۝\[ˈ\BX[ۘ\[]Y^H MH\HۋH\œ]\\HۘZ]Y\[ZY܈][\\Y^HBH[\^H^\^HY[\^K]H[\X[ۂHܙ[[\وHZ\\[Z\][ˈY\H]\\BوH\\^\^KY^H LKM\\ H[\X\Y X[H[[Y[ۘ[\\Hܙ[^][ۜY[Z[Z\[[ۘ[X]]Y\[H\H\ˈHZH\\[܈\H[۝[YH]ۈY^H H]و[\^H\H][ܛHY[ۈ]\[[Z[\KHZ[\B\  H\H\]H\X\Y[ NN ZHZXY[]HY^H H]Y[H[YKU[]Y]\ܙ\X\\X\YH]H[ NN ]ZH\ۈ[ZH\YH[[[\^H[H]Hو[] [[] H\]HH NNL8&\ˈ[ NN KZXY[\YH][H[\ [Y\܈’KLH][HT ^]\ۜ[Hܛ\HZXY[\\Y[و[Y\H]H[YK]YHYXH™\X\H\]H\[ZH\\[܈]H\\Hۙ\[H][\ۜ[ۈHۙY[[ܚX[YH\Z[T ]Y[[] Z[\H[\\[܋\ۜ[[\\[܋H\]B[ ۈY\QYYH\Yۈ܈HYۜ[ܚ[]T T L\ۜ[Y^H LˈX\\[ H\H[ܝ][ۈ\\Y[[\ۜ[Z[\H[۝\[]H]\T ܝ\\ۜ[\^H[Hܙ\^H[Y]\HH]H\[H\\وHܙX]Z\ˈ[B]ZXY[]\۝ H\[YHXZH\\\\[Z\ܙX][ۋH\H\]HY[\Z[][وX\[[[X\H[[Y\YܙHH\\X\ۈ][[[˂[[\ܝHHܙX]Z\[Z\[ۈX\YB۝[YY^\[H[H[وH[]YX[\\X[ۜˈZXY[Y[H[ۈ^Z[[[HوH\\]Y\[\\][ۜ\BH]\YHH\H\و\]ܜ\Y[ۋ[HY[•\ۜ[[[\[[[]H\H\Yۜ[XZ[Z[H[YX[YHوZH\\[܋H\H]]܈H[YBZ\ܝ[ۜوH]\[HYۘYH[Z[\K۝\[[[[[XH\\[\]H܈][Z\[[YH\X\ˈX\X[[ \H\]XYH[ۈ\\ [HX^B[YHXYZ[[YH][H]H\X[ۋ[H[[ۙH]K[H[[\\Y\\]H[][ۘ[\]\[]\][\X\HܙX]Z\\ܙX]\][H\Z[H[Y][]]\H[YH[HXZHH8'\\[B]]Y\[[H\ܚXܝ[X[\[[\^K\H\Zx'K[Y[X\܈[\^]YH܈[\^]]NYB\X[\\[܈[[[܈H\H\[HYH[YBYH]&\\^KQ]Yۈ\H]Y[\\YH[]BHXYH\H܈[\\K]\B^K\YH\[ZH\[\\H]\\[[]Y]Hܝ\\ܛ\وZXY[]H]K[[H]YHYKY•\ۜ[[ZXY[HZH\\[܈\H\[HB[\YXY^[H L[\YXY^[H L