Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana November 2016 - Page 6

Patriots Corner      I knew that they used the oils from cannabis but they also use the THC, (the good part of cannabis). And honestly, I never cared for marijuana. I didn’t like how it messed with my thinking, but that’s just me. What is amazing is how      I want to take a time out from the stress of our governwell known it is. I mean hundreds of articles on how canment and the election to talk about something that has touched everyone’s life. I think everyone has had someone nabis, pot, marijuana are curing cancer. Cannabidiolic acid close to them battle cancer. Personally, I have lost two fam- (CBDA) is an inhibitor of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell ily members to cancer. I’ve been looking up the use of can- migration (stops them from spreading). Cannabidiolic stops the growth or their ability to multiply. One study stated oils nabis (marijuana) in treating cancer and other sicknesses. This article is mainly on the treatment of breast cancer and made from cannabis buds taken 3 times a day will destroy breast cancer. what I’ve learned is amazing.      I have to stop here because I’m really almost in a rage.       Researchers have discovered that cannabidiol (CBD) You see, our government doesn’t want a cure for cancer... found in the cannabis plant has the ability to switch off the . There is no gene responsible for metastasis in an aggressive form of money in a cure… breast cancer called “triple negative”. This affects 15% of                                                                        patients who do not possess the three hormone receptors Patriot that most of the successful therapies targets. Cells from this Benton Lovoi                                             form of cancer have high levels of ID-1. When scientists exposed cells from this cancer to cannabidiol they were shocked to find the cells returned to a healthy state. They discovered that the compound had turned off the over expression of ID-1 stopping them from traveling to distant tissues. And if I sound brilliant I’m just quoting what I’ve found.   The ideas in this article do not necessarily represent the ideas of this magazine FAVORITE WATERING HOLE Blue Moon 100 N. Willow Street Lockport, LA 70374 Open 7 days a week Mr. C’s 2021 paris rd. Chalmette, la Cajun Harley Davidson 724 I-10 South Frontage Rd. Scott, LA 70583 (337) 289-3030 Hammond Harley Davidson 1530 Southwest Railroad Ave. Hammond, LA 70403 (985) 345-8381 Plaisance Bar Pratt Street & WestBank Expressway Smallest Bike night on the west bank (504) 366-7913 Lake Charles Harley Davidson 2120 Broad Street Lake Charles, LA The Tiger Lounge 9am-till 2am 6723 West Main Street Houma, ( 985) 876 9401 New Orleans Harley Davidson 6015 Airline Drive Metairie, LA Big Shine’s Pool And Darts 1401 East Tunnel Blvd. Houma, La, 70360 (985) 746-5830 The Lampligher 1906 N Martin Luther King Hwy, Lake Charles, LA 70601 Phone:(337) 436-8987 Home Of The Oldest Bike Night In Lake Charles The Chalet  800 N Bolton Ave, Alexandria, LA 71301 Phone:(318) 443-8350 Sam’s Cove  3609 Davis Rd, Westlake, LA 70669 Phone:(337) 430-0380 The Cactus Lounge 3711 West Main Street-Houma LA phone- (985) 851-1995 TCupps Bar 609 Avondale Gardens Blvd. Avondale, LA phone- ( 504) 218-8967 MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEYS Glenn McGovern Injury Attorney Motorcycle Rider/Racing Metairie. La. (504) 456-3610 or (800) 721-3992 Law offices of Richard M. Lester 24 hrs. 1-800-531-2424 MOTORCYCLE DEALERSHIPS Baton Rouge Harley Davidson 5853 Siegen lane Baton Rouge LA ( 225) 292-9632 Renegade Harley Davidson 2030 North Mall drive Alexandria, L ֖R''V( 2'F6&R&WFfG6sr6W'f6R&B6ƖFVsCSSRcCS&VR&R&WFfG6*c#g&FvR&B&Rs# S33C2cSFbWr&V0*cR&ƖRG"WF&Rs0SSB#FbVW&f&6RvW"7'G0*b'FWFW"r&fBVs3cSRsbscTDU"42B44U54$U0G'G03FW'&6RfR6ƖFVVFW"F6W266VB7W60RcC3C4U%d4R4U244U54$U0%7G&R&''W6pVs3c@G&FrfW26V2WF2ࢃRc3rsc#&F&VvR&WFfG6SS26VvP&F&VvRs##R#"c3 DTDU"$E2tRT4PVvW&FW"bWr&V0*#367BWr&V2sSSB#ӓSsPB&WFfG6S36WFvW7B&&BfRआBR3CR3&WFfG6bR6&W0##'&B7G&VW@R6&W233rC3b# FRFW7BFVW'6FR7FFPvf6VBw&0#"'F7G&VW@FV7&w2֖^( 2F&76RFWFƖpcR6B'&FvWBG&fP66&WfW"s3Pff&F&R&6W0RCCbs3Rc3r3c$40scB6&fBF&FWRCCrsc@F&76R7BFrB&W Wr&V2&WFfG6*cR&ƖRG"WF&Rs0SSB#4U$4U0rw&6RF&76R֖7G'&W"6W&6FW'6F2wУ33vƖ2&fBशVW"6W&6FRvB֖7G&W0( vW&RW"&R2W"Wp##R3c"#P440VFv"fV&W&rSR&VƶvW"7G&VW@VࢃRSc## &W"g&VFǒ&W"vV@