Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana November 2016 - Page 22

And The Winner Is…Arthur Derbes! Ratchet and his wife are watching t.v. when a Slim Fast commercial comes on and he being a natural born smartass says, “hey, why don’t we try washing your clothes in Slim Fast and see if that takes some pounds off”. Now, Lucy is nobody’s fool, so she did a little midnight magic. Next morning when Ratchet gets up, has coffee and grabs a fresh pair of underwear to put on after his shower, he notices as he pulls from drawer that all this white stuff is puffing up in the air. “Lucy, why in the hell did you put talcum powder in my damn underwear?”. Lucy casually screams out; “It’s not talcum powder, it’s Miracle Grow”. How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? Two guys grow up together but after college one moves to NY, the other to California. Every ten years they agree to meet in Chicago and play golf. They finish their round at age 30 and go to lunch. “Where you wanna’ go?” “Hooters.” “Why?” “Well, you know, they got the chicks with the big boobs, and the tight shorts, cute butts and smooth tan legs. “OK.” Ten years later at 40 they play. “Where you wanna’ go?” “Hooters.” “Why?” “Well, you know, they got cold beer and the big screen TVs and everybody has a little action on the games.” “OK.” Ten years later at 50. “Where you wanna’ go?” “Hooters.” “Why?” “The food is good and there is plenty of parking.” “OK.” At 60 - “Where you wanna’ go?” “Hooters.” “Why?” “Wings are half price.” “OK” At 70 - “Where you wanna’ go?” “Hooters.” “Why?” “They have 6 handicapped spaces right by the door.” “OK.” At 80 - “Where you wanna’ go?” “Hooters.” “Why?” “We’ve never been there before. “OK.” Why do they call it an asteroid when it’s outside the hemisphere, but call it a hemorrhoid when it’s in your butt? Why does a round pizza come in a square box? Thunder Roads Louisiana Magazine, along with New Orleans HarleyDavidson, hosted the Louisiana Thunder Run end of season bike bash November 15th, and over 300 riders showed up for the party and many won prizes we gave away all day long! This “ride” lasted 6 months, where riders all over the state checked in at various participating businesses, where they logged in on a sign in sheet. These sheets were used to enter the names and La. Thunder run card numbers into a random lottery app where riders won prizes every month, and these same log in sheets were used to draw for the prizes given away at the finale party. Not only did Arthur Derbes win the new bike, but many other people won prize ́ɽٕѡѼ)х́ɥ̰ݕɕхեхȰȁ͡Ё)ݕх݅䁅ЁM!ѽMхєAɬٕхѽ)I55 H<9=PQ!I=\e=UH IL]deԁ͔ѡ)ɑ́Ёѥѥ͕ͥ́Ѽɕ͍ٔչ́չѥՅѠ)Qݔݥѡ1եͥQչȁոQԁѼݡ)ѥѕA͔͕ѡ́Քȁѥѥ͕ͥ́Q!9,)e=TQ<9\=I19L!I1dY%M=8e=TI= ,()!܁́ЁѡЁݔЁѡɔݔɕ)ЁЁݽձѼЁݡ́՝)%ѡɽͽȁé%ͱɅЁ)аݡ䁍eЁ)]䁑́хɕЁݡAѼɕ́)QeɔѠ̸()]䁑́ͽٔԁݡԁͅѡɔɔ)ȁх̰ЁݡԁͅѡЁ́ݕ)]䁑ͻeЁQ酸ٔɕ䁱ɐ)ihQѕȁѡ͔啅́ѡչ)5啅́ѕȃqIѕˊt݅́ɥ݅́她ݡх䁽ٕɹ́и)%ٕͅ䁅ɅѥٔȰݡٕ)٥ѡ͔ɐѡ͔胊qɔ)ԁ䰁ݡӊéȁt+qQ䁩ЁIѕȰ'eѡ̳tɕ)́ձ͕Ёѡݥѕи+qIѕˊt͡ͅɴ͔ɕ́չձѥѠ)ȁݡєͥɽqɝЁȁɽՉ̸ Ѽ٥)ɕЁݡ'eЁ䁡ѼЁȁЁѕȻt+qQӊé䁹ԳtIѕȁݕɕqЁ$e)ѡݥݽձлt+q=ߊt%ͥͅѕ)M݅́ͼٕɕ䰁ձٕ͕䁅ٕՅͥٔ)!݅́ݕq]䳊t!䁅ɕЁѡ՝ЁѼ)͕qݥݽeЁѡ̻t)ѕȁɕѽɅѥٔ ɉ݅ѕ̰)ѡ%ͅqIѕȁ͕q$Ёѕ)ܰЁ$܁ݥ́Ѽɕ͕иM'e)Ёܻt+qeЁͥ䇊t%ͅͅݥѠ͵ѥȁͥ)ɽեєиqMݽeЁ܁ѡ ѡ)݅䰁ݡɔ́͡tIѕ)ɕqMѥչȁѡа$Օϊt((Q!U9HI=L5i%91=U%M%9()0ѼHɕܰѡȰ)ͽ())ͽɱ́=Qչ()=Mͽ͍չЁ]ѠI ɐAɽɅ9ٕȀ؀5ɍܸ)eЁЁȁ1=U%M%9Q!U9HIU8I% IЁЁٕȁѡ)ݥѕȄYͥЁѥѥѥ́ȁ͍չ́ݥѠȁI% I)HIU8)Q!U9 a])ɽ9ٕȀ؁ѡɽ՝5ɍܸ)I)%ԁЁٔI% IԁЁЁ䁽ѡMѽܸ́Q͔I%)I% H)%9)1=U%L)i%9=)L5)HI=)Q!U9(()́MиMє(Aɕ̰1Ņѽɹ̹)9܁=ɰѽɍ危((ии()ɕ)Mͼ() ILЁɔ-ѡݥѠԁЁѥ́ȁѡ=MM=8%M =U9P]%Q )I% IAI=I4Ёյˊé1=UM%9Q!U9HIU8Aɕ͕Ёȁ1=U%M%9Q!U9HIU8I% IЁѡѥѥ́܁ȁ͍չ̸)Mѽ9()MѽQ()ɕ̀A()!()͍չЁݥѠ͍չ) ɐ((()9܁=ɱ́!ɱ)٥ͽ()IɅѥ)͍չЁMѽ((ԁɱ!丰5хɥ(Фش((Ѽ4Ѽ兴Ѽ(MдāѼеMո()Mѽɔȁх((() ɥϊdḾ ()͍չЁMѽ((Aͅȸ!յ(Ԁ()5MЀɅ() İЀ((()I!ɱ٥ͽ()IɅѥ)͍չЁMѽ((85ȸᅹɥ(()5ɤᅴMᅴ()х́ѽɔ((()%9܁=ɱ()IɅѥ)͍չЁMѽ((܁ɱ!䰁MиI͔(ФԴ()5ɤ兴M兴()х́ѽɔ((()5 չé9ѡ͡ɔ)!ɱ٥ͽ()IɅѥ)͍չЁMѽ((ā\$M٥IM(ԤĴ()5M兴()х́ѽɔ((()=ȁA()͍չЁMѽ(( ́ Iɽٔ(ऀ܀()5MոŅɅ((͍չ((()ɥȁ9܁=ɱ()IɅѥ)͍չЁMѽ(( MɕЁ9܁=ɱ(ФĴ()5M兴()х́ѽɔ((()1ѕȁ1չ()IɅѥ(͍չЁMѽ((8!İ1 ɱ(ܤش((ѥȁ()ɕ͡((()Ё!Aəɵ()IɅѥ(͍չЁMѽ((āMمQ݅䰁1є(ܤش((ᅴѼ5Ѽɤ((͍չЁ)((0