Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana November 2016 - Page 16

Lipstick Riders This month, our lipstick rider is one lady that has rode everywhere and been involved in charities and the rights for riders for many years. “Gypsy” is also one of just two females in history to be inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame in 2010! In 1996 Gypsy realized that there was no central place for motorcycles around the country to stay informed with what was going on outside their own state borders, so she started collecting email addresses from everywhere she went and created Gypsy’s email list and at one point her list had over 10,000 emails! She has testified for motorcycling legislations, sat on State committees for them, worked to get Safety Education and Awareness month proclaimed in Massachusetts and beyond. She served on the AMA as a representative, a MRF member, MMA member and also for the Safety Education and Awareness Director, Riders For Justice, a member of the Marine Corp league and so many other committees to aid in fairness, and safety for all riders everywhere. She also volunteers with the Patriot Guard helping the return home of our beloved fallen military. She has racked up about 150,000 miles under her butt riding her bike, and although she proclaims not to be as young as she used to be, she still enjoys a long ride and playing road captain on local rides whenever she can. She is still so passionate about riding and riders causes. There is so much more to tell about this lady, but I would have to write a book on this “young lady’s” journeys, accomplishments, and selfless work in the biker community around the country. So that is Gypsy’s Story, tell me yours. My goal as always in writing this column is to show everyone that there are some bad asses Lipstick Riders out there. Everyday women that love to ride as much as the guys do, and it doesn’t matter what you ride, all that matters is THAT YOU RIDE…I love getting to meet all of you lady’s and to tell our readers about our Lipstick Riders. So, if you would like to be featured as one of our riders, then send me your story and pictures of you and your bike to and let your story be told. Till next month, Dina Ann Dupre (yes my name changed, I got married last month! ) THE TUNING MAST ER: ADAPT HIGH PERFORMANCE Meet Scott Tomsu, owner and master technician in Lafayette, LA, of Adapt High Performance. Three years ago, Adapt started out strictly as a Mobile Dyno Tuning business, and has quickly become a one-stop shop for all your motorcycle parts, services, and repairs. Scott has received extensive training, including instructional classes from Doc’s Performance Tuning in Orlando, 2 separate trips to DynoJet Research in Las Vegas, and PowerSport Institute (PSI) in Cleveland. Scott has been certified to properly tune a Harley with TTS, Power Vision, Power Commander, and S&S ProTune II tuners. When Scott is not tuning motorcycles to their maximum potential, he continues his 20 plus year job offshore where he is an underwater robotics (ROV) electronics technician, and all the while implying his skills in electronics to the craft of master tuning motorcycles. He uses a Dynojet 250i with DynoWare RT dyno electronics and PowerCore Software Suite (WinPEP 8), making it the best dyno available today. And by the way, he can competently use any Harley Davidson tuning device on the market. Just so you know, Scott says that there is no one else in the state of La. that can make that statement. Usually, a tuning shop is familiar with one tuner, and that is what you get. Also, just because a shop has a Dyno, doesn’t mean they know how to use it. CJ Stegman (co-owner) and Jason Romero (shop manager) also help to run the shop smoothly, who both have been working on bikes their whole lives. Adapt High Performance is also a S&S Pro Tuning Center, and there are only two in the state of Louisiana. When Scott is not offshore, or at the shop he is out riding his 2017 HD FLHXSE CVO Street Glide (featured on our calendar). So if you haven’t been to Adapt, make sure you call (337) 706-8810 to set up a dyno tuning appointment or pay them a visit. Scott 14 THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE LOUISIANA ROV Dyno Heather THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE LOUISIANA 15 Working Robotics