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Pastor’s Corner A few years ago I wrote and used the phrasing “Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, I’m glad I’m not a turkey”. In my article I talked about looking for things to be be thankful for. I still believe that no matter what our situation may be or what we are facing there is always something we could be thankful for. I recently set at the bedside of a friend, brother, and fellow bikers, as he was losing his battle with cancer. You would think that this brother would have been bitter from the battle and constant pain. Here I was going to see him to do my best to lift him up and let him know how much I loved him. But after each visit I left feeling encouraged because of his words and attitude. Each time we talked about all the good times and funny memories we remembered. We told each other stories from the road and laughed at some of the stupid situations we got ourselves into. When I would get ready to leave, I would always ask my brother, “what can I pray with you about today?” Each time he would say the same thing, “Pastor T, I just want to thank God for for this day, and for bringing my family back together. I want to Fun At The Bunkie Boucherie Sidecar Rally By Glenn C. McGovern The various sidecars varied from Burgman Scooters with Vespa sidecars to Harley-Davidsons in all styles, sizes and I was so excited when they announced the U.S.S.C. colors as the attached pictures show. One sidecar rider was Association sidecar rally would be held September 29-Oc87 years old and competed in all the games. I was stunned tober 2, 2016 in Bunkie, La. at the estate of Larry and by the size of some of the sidecars. Some had huge NASBarbara. Elena, my 10-year-old and her Corgi dog Jules CAR like sway bars and custom suspension. Impressive. were excited to go on this father/daughter/Corgi adventure. There were 90-mile group side trips to Big Bend and a 1927 It was our first sidecar rally in our Triumph Scrambler/Cozzi built museum/post office that was really interesting. I wish Rocket sidecar rig. We would camp out with other sidecar I had the two-stroke washing machine on display from the riders at the home of Larry and Barbara who had a beautiful 1920’s. home with outdoor dining facilities and room for the sidecar The sidecar games included picking up simulated road games planned. kill (stuffed animals) with a fishing net, spearing small rings, Elena, Jules and I arrived Friday night and had a great a Ural reverse gear race, and pushing a ball across a goal meal with all kinds of sidecars from Nevada, New Mexico, line with a broom. Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana. The Texas Ural There was a local Boy Scout hosted breakfast on SatRiders group (T.U.R.D.S.) of several military style and urday morning and a Shrimp and Grits Breakfast at rally civilian Urals were in full force. (I have no idea where they central at Larry and Barbara’s estate on Sunday. The food get that name from. Probably has something to do with the was terrific each meal our hosts made for the group. low quality of Russian metallurgy in the older Urals.) One Elena, Jules and I can’t wait for the next national sidecar couple rode with a lot of camping gear on two military style rally. Hopefully we can get another sidecar for our other dog two-wheel driver Urals from the Dallas area. Another rider and wife Erika to join us in. rode in from Las Vegas on a BMW. thank God for the great doctors and nurses he has sent to me, I want to thank God for giving me so many good memories, and brothers who love me”. Wow! Now that’s real thankfulness! I pray that you and your family will have a blessed Thanksgiving. And remember be thankful. See you in the wind Pastor T 12 THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE LOUISIANA THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE LOUISIANA 13