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Run for Fun in Lake Charles We all know that bikers give more to the community than government ever thought about doing, and sometimes it’s great to receive the love back to show you just how much you are appreciated! On Saturday October 7th some local businesses in the Lake Charles area, along with many of the areas bikers, came out and rode for themselves and each other. Bikers ride all year round for various causes and charities, so it was great seeing local businesses give back to them. We started off at Harley Davidson of Lake Charles, and then to Tia Juanita’s Fish Camp where we were all treated to some awesome food! Next we rode over to Wild Bills Saloon, and then we scooted over to Fred’s for some more food and drink, and got caught by the draw bridge while a barge slowly went through, and the whole time we were at the bridge it rained! But I gotta tell you these riders in Southwest Louisiana are some hard core riders! No one complained although we were soaking wet and freezing. Our final stop was at The Lamplighter Lounge where Jose, aka Tony fried up some delicious catfish fillets, and we counted the scores for the big winners. We drew free tickets for some awesome door prizes. It was a great day and everyone told our road crew this was a lot more fun than merely drawing a card like we do on a poker run. We threw a total of 3 darts at each stop, and the highest and lowest scores won. It was a game of skill, not a game of chance. ALL the registration fees went right back to the winners. NO money was collected for any charity. It was simply a run for fun! Special thanks to Thunder Roads Road crew, Andrew, Tony, and Patricia. Thank you to Billy and Nina at Harley Davidson of Lake Charles, Tia Juanita’s Fish Camp, Wild Bill Saloon, Fred’s Lounge, and last but not least to John and Becky for hosting the big party at The Lamplighter Lounge. BIG thanks to the band The Pedestrians, for rocking us all night long! By request we are going to do this again real soon! | November 2017 | Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana/Mississippi 7