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CONTENTS 05 Motorcycle Friendly Directory 07 Run for Fun in Lake Charles 08 Patriots Corner 09 Cover Story 10 Events 11 Girl of Thunder 12 Thunder Cam 13 Thunder Run Bash Finale 14 History of Motorcycles-pt3 15 Maritime Biker 16 Bullet Points 17 Veterans’ Spotlight 18 Calender and Harley-Davidson NOLA Events 22 then came BRONSON 25 Jokers WIld 27 Glenn McGovern - Motorcycle Fatalities 28 Tech Tips 30 Biker News Bytes 32 How’s your back? 32 LA Rumble 2017 Rally Wrap Up 33 We’d Eat Dat 34 Pastor’s Corner 35 Mission for one Biker 36 Bike Nights Listings LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHERS That time of year again. The start of the madness of the holidays. For some of us it can’t come fast enough, and for some of us it can’t be over soon enough. While you are getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years (our favorite), please remember to do at least two things. One is to say a special prayer or blessing for our troops far away from home for their safe return. The second thing is to help us and all of the advertisers in this magazine by giving them your business so we can remain a free publication to our readers. In case you have not noticed on the cover, we have made it official beginning November 1st, 2017. Thunder Roads Louisiana is now Thunder Roads Louisiana and Mississippi. For our first year of having added on the great state of Mississippi, we are concentrating on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and about 40 miles inland. Some of us on staff here rode down the coast a couple of weeks ago and we found some pretty cool biker friendly businesses, including hotels, which is kind of rare here in La. We are introducing our first Mississippi advertiser in this issue- Please make sure you read about The Riverview Inn, and hop on your skoots and pay them a visit. You won’t be sorry! Until next time. Remember where there are bikes there is going to be thunder! Andrew and Renee R.I.P. to all ou r brothers and sisters who lost the ride. NATIONAL FOUNDERS Toni McCoy Shearon & Brian Shearon 1528 Matlock Drive / Chapmansboro, TN 37035 Thunder Publishing, LLC Offices: 615-792-0040 / © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NO PART OF ITS CONTENT MAY BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. PUBLISHER ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY AND IS NOT TO BE HELD LIABLE FOR ERRORS BEYOND THE COST OF THE SPACE OCCUPIED BY THE ERROR, SLANDER OF ANY GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL, FAILURE TO PRODUCE ANY ISSUE AS SCHEDULED DUE TO REASONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL, ANY AND ALL SUITS FOR LIABLE, PLAGIARISM, COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AND UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A PERSON’S NAME OR PHOTOGRAPH. OPINIONS AND CLAIMS MADE BY ADVERTISERS AND AUTHORS ARE THEIR OWN, AND DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THE POLICY OF THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE OR THUNDER PUBLISHING. PUBLISHER DOES NOT PROMOTE THE ABUSE OF ALCOHOL OR OTHER DRUGS. Special Thanks & Contributors First and foremost we would like to express our sincere thanks to our advertisers and sponsors without whom this magazine could not exist. To all of our faithful readers who provide us with their stories and information every month. Please keep them coming! Thanks to our facebook followers that post the cool pictures. To all of our contributors that help make all of our special photo shoots and charitable events a success. And a special shout out of love to our beautiful Louisiana Ladies that model for us every month for our readers viewing pleasure! Your grace, beauty, style and class are priceless to our magazine!