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Chance Meeting Brings New Life Mission for One Biker SATURDAY November 11, 2017 Downtown Biloxi Parade Begins at 11am FESTIVAL 10am-3pm Lynn McBride ~ Author ~ President, Center for Search & Investigations Many of you may have heard about B.U.R.N., a division of CFSI for Missing Children, possibly right here on the pages of this magazine. If not, let me introduce you. B.U.R.N. (Bikers Urban Response Needed) was formed to assist in searching for missing children, including the distribution & collection of information in these incidents. It is the “ready to ride” division of Team CFSI. As a service organization, members are all volunteers, there are no dues, and patches (if you choose to wear one) are made for the front. Because of this, all riders are welcome if they are inclined to help. Benefits come in the form of “Found Safe”, knowing you made a difference in the life of a child. You may find out more at But today, I want to take you closer. We have a very diverse group of riders and I want to introduce you to Jane, a female rider and B.U.R.N. State Rep for Florida. Though we have volunteers across all divisions in every State, I have had the pleasure of meeting Jane in person. We’ll start there. Fall of 2015 found myself and CFSI Founder, Chuck Foreman on the road to Florida from Texas to host our annual volunteer meeting and training event. We arrived ahead of the event to make some other stops. One was in the town of Holopaw, FL. Chuck took me to see his Grandparent’s old property. There was a new home next door and after showing me remnants of his Grandmother’s flower garden, Chuck went to knock on the door and let them know who we were and why we were there. Once we were both in the truck, someone knocks on the window. Jane Hort, the person Chuck had just spoken with at the house. She’s holding Chuck’s business card, with the BURN logo on the back and says “what’s this?” Gulp. This lady hates bikers. She came to tell us not to come around here again. At least that’s what we were both silently thinking to ourselves. Wrong. Let’s hear it from Jane’s side. “I was grieving the loss of my youngest son to suicide. I became a recluse for a year and then I had to decide to go back to living or follow my son. At that point, I realized that at my age, 62, I couldn’t run with the big dogs as they say, but I wasn’t ready for the porch either. It took me a year to learn to ride my Ural and to have confidence in myself. And to get over the stigma attached to lady riders. And then, Chuck Foreman stepped up to my porch and introduced me to B.U.R.N. At that moment, I knew I had a new purpose in life. I could save children who have ended up in bad situations and being volunteers, the people who do it are more committed to the cause. As a female rider, I think we can relate more closely to families. We are patient, understanding and often easier to talk to. We are stronger than most give us credit for and as a group we are even stronger. When you join B.U.R.N. you become part of a huge family that really does care about you and what we do. There isn’t anything better than “Found Safe” and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Jane Ann Hort, B.U.R.N. State Representative, Florida. There is a place for everyone to help. We hope that you will join us too. This event is FREE to the public. Our Veterans have already paid the price! For more information: Website: FB: Phone: (228) 669-4997 | November 2017 | Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana/Mississippi 35