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COVER STORY Americans have celebrated the Thanksgiving tradition pretty much the same way every year. Buy and roast a big turkey, prepare a bunch of side dishes, bake a variety of desserts, and invite your loved ones thankful hearts to enjoy a festive feast. Amanda is a woman just like that but for some reason decided to change things up a bit this year. Out of nowhere, Amanda went on a short adventure to hunt down the dinner turkey and not at a store. In short, without telling her husband and two daughters, she bought a shotgun, jumped on her 1964 Harley Panhead, and took off to the beautiful wilderness in Arkansas where wild turkeys roam free. Without any experience, and some feel it was a crazy idea, and by the looks of her shotgun, you’d think that she was going on a safari in Africa. Some believe that when she confronted with the ill-fated turkey, he died instantly from the fear of looking into the barrel of her overwhelming customized shotgun. There were no pellets found from a shell in the carcass of the turkey. Regardless of what really happened, she rolled up on her Harley returning home with a cooked turkey in hand. Unfortunately for her husband Keith, he had to go hunting for an open deli to provide the side dishes and extras for their traditional Thankgiving dinner. ROAD CREW WANTED Model: Amanda Bellaci Bike owner: Chris@ HardTail Harry’s-Kenner La. Bike stats: 1964 Harley Davidson Panhead Photographer: Clarke Jones GET PAID TO BE A BIKER!! We are looking for socially active Bikers with good communication skills and great sales ability in areas throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. Here is your opportunity to be a part of the most popular biker publication of its kind in our two states! Join the Thunder Roads LA/MS Road Crew and turn your passion into $$$. The perks are pretty cool too!! LEADS Know a business that would be a good fit for our magazines in Louisiana or Mississippi? Find out if they are interested then send us their contact info. If they advertise we’ll send you a finder’s fee! Any place you patronize regularly qualifies. It doesn’t have to be a bar or bike shop to benefit from advertising in Thunder Roads Louisiana or Mississippi! Contact Renee @ or Call 504-234-4032 or send us an email on our website @ | November 2017 | Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana/Mississippi 9