Thunder Roads LA MS Magazine DEC2017 - Page 36

PASTORS CORNER I wrote a song several years ago that I play every year during this season. The title of the song; “I Love Christmas” The first verse says, “Children gathered around the Christmas tree, all my friends and family, with joy in their eyes and love in their hearts, its Christmas time tonight.” The Chorus, “I Love Christmas, I Love Christmas Time. Joy to The World, Silent Night Hark The Herald Angels Sing.” I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas. Growing up my Mother always made Christmas time the most wonderful time of the years. It wasn’t about gifts, but it was about giving. See her mother passed away when she was about two years old and her father was left to raise four young children. One boy and three girls. He tried to drown the pressures life in the sea of alcohol and soon this family was separated across the county. Never to spend a Christmas together until many years later in their adult lives. If fact if not for the Salvation Army, my Mother would not have gotten anything for Christmas. She often talks about one of her favorite Christmas meals which was a fresh bologna sandwich. I guess my mom could have grown bitter at this season. Instead she developed a love for giving to others. At our house growing up we made Christmas about giving. Just as God gave us the greatest gift ever given, His Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sin. Christmas is about giving to others My prayer for you this year is that you could look past the hurts in your life, look past the failures and disappointments and look how you might change hurt into healing, sorrow into joy, and anger into peace. Here are a few of my suggestions to help you make this Christmas the most wonderful time of the year. 1. Put up a Christmas tree and let the lights shine as a reminder of Jesus the light of the world. 2. Buy a Christmas CD, or tune your radio to a station that play Christmas music and sing al (̸MЁͽ ɥѵ́ɑ́Ѽ䁵)ѡЁԁ䁡ٔɥѕ݅䁙ɽٕȁѡ啅̸(иYչѕȁѼ ɥѵ́䰁ȁݽɬЁ͡ѕȸ(ԸѕЁ͕٥ȁ ɥѵ́ɽɅЁɍ(ظ5ͅݥȁȁٽɥє ɥѵ́٥є)ɥٕȁѼ͡ɔٕ(ܸM ɥѵ́ɽ́ݥѠɽȁɽݥѠɍ)]ѕٕȁԁeЁЁѡ䁅 ɥѵ́́ԁ)Iȁ)́́ѡIͽȁѡMͽ)Mԁѡݥ)AѽȁP) Դȴ)Qѡݥ(ЁQչȁÍ5饹1եͥ5ͥͥȀ܁ܹѡչɽͱ̹