Thunder Roads LA MS Magazine DEC2017 - Page 35

We’d Eat dat squealer’s bbq By: renee south’s best butts... a southern bbq perfection There is a good reason that this restaurant was named the barbecue capital for the state of Mississippi for 2015. Simply put, it’s the best barbecue in the state! Ya’ll know that our Thunder Roads Louisiana/Mississippi road crew is always on the go and always seeking out the best biker friendly eatery’s to recommend to our beloved biker community. There is nothing more disappointing to go out for a long ride and stop in somewhere off the beaten path when you are starving and the service, and or the food sucks. That’s why we like to “sneak in” and rate a joint without telling them who we are or what we are doing there besides eating. We also know that if the biker community likes a place we will spread the word, but if we don’t like a place we spread the word like a wildfire! The first thing we rate is the parking for motorcycles. (Ya’ll know we want to be up front and personal). I promise you this place has plenty of bike parking. From the greeting when we walked in the door, throughout the SMOKED T URKEY evening, we were treated respectfully. We were seated promptly, and the wait staff was also prompt and very courteous. And the restaurant and its bathrooms were very clean. Did I mention the smell? It was incredible! The food came in under 30 minutes and the free homemade pork skins while we were waiting on our food order were awesome. The menu had many items I love but I think my favorite was the brisket. It was so juicy and tender, as were the ribs. My traveling companion had the “spud” and chicken. There were many people there but each plate was prepared with patience, not rushed. And by all means make sure you have the fried Twinkies for dessert! They also are experts at fund raising. Since they opened in 1998, they have raised over 1 million dollars! So when you are out on your skoots make sure you ride over to Squealer’s and tell them Thunder Roads La./Ms. Magazine sent you! Have a look at their menu on their website @ Smoked Wings SMOKED HAM Fried Twinkies totally awesome!! SMOKED RIBS | December 2017 | Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana/Mississippi 33