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Biker News waco case ends in mistrial bY: bILL bISH, ncom THE AIM/NCOM MOTORCYCLE E-NEWS SERVICE is brought to you by Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and is sponsored by the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester. If you’ve been involved in any kind of accident, call us at 1-(800) ON-A-BIKE or visit HUNG JURY FORCES MISTRIAL IN FIRST WACO CASE It’s been over two years since the bloody Twin Peaks melee in Waco, Texas, and the first trial of more than 150 of those arrested and charged has ended in a mistrial when the jury was hopelessly split on multiple counts. Dallas Bandidos leader Jake Carrizal was charged with three criminal counts, including murder and racketeering, stemming from the May 17, 2015 brawl and gunfight with rival Cossacks members during a meeting of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents that left nine bikers dead and 18 seriously injured, most shot by responding police. The prosecution had hoped a conviction in this first “big test case,” considered the state’s strongest, would serve as an indicator of how solid the government’s cases might be going forward, and could be used to generate plea deals amongst the remaining 153 bikers indicted, explained A.I.M. (Aid to Injured Motorcyclists) Attorney Bill Smith of Texas. Smith, who also serves as legal counsel for the Confederations of Clubs (COC) in Texas, gave a much-anticipated update to bikers from across the U.S. during a recent National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) Regional Meeting in Oklahoma City. Carrizal faces life in prison if found guilty, but following more than a month of testimony in proceedings that cost the Waco community over $2 million to date, the three woman, nine man jury deliberated for just under 15 hours over two days before notifying Judge Matt Johnson they were irrevocably deadlocked and unable to reach a verdict. Judge Johnson sent the jury home on Friday, November 10, and declared a mistrial. The State has reportedly announced they will retry the case, but at this point it is unclear if the case will be retried on the same or amended charges, or how it will affect others under indictment. “Just by attending a regularly scheduled monthly meeting, many of these bikers lost their jobs, lost their motorcycles, lost homes, or lost custody of a child because of their arrest for engaging in criminal activity,” said Attorney Smith, “spending days, weeks or months in jail under million dollar bail bonds.” In early 2016, several of the bikers filed a civil rights lawsuit against the District Attorney, the Chief of Police and other Waco officials, and “if acquitted, they can succeed in civil action.” NCOM MEETING REPORT FROM OKC “Many thanks to all that attended the NCOM Board of Directors meeting and NCOM Region 2 Conference this past weekend in Oklahoma City, and to all OK COC (Confederation of Clubs) Member Groups that worked so hard to ensure its success,” wrote NCOM board member Tiger Mike Revere, Liaison for the Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs, in his recent OKCOC Liaison Report. “Lots of valuable information was shared that will ultimately help improve our Motorcycling Quality of Life,” Tiger Mike continues… “The seminar dealing with RICO and Biker Judicial Rights, the Texas AIM/ NCOM Attorney update on the Waco Situation, and the presentation addressing profiling and police harassment of Motorcyclists were educational. The Regional Motorcyclist Rights Forum and Multi-State COC Symposium afforded Rights Activists and Club Members from all over the Nation the opportunity to share informational updates and legislative strategy for the future. The Regional Christian Unity Meeting featured Spiritual riding groups from many states sharing their faith and community outreach experiences.” Revere goes on to say that, “The NCOM Board of Directors continues to be impressed with the degree of enthusiasm and involvement Region 2 Members demonstrate for being educated on critical issues. Particular recognition goes to those that staffed the Hospitality Room, handled logistics for the hotel and transportation, and to the vendors that took part. The Saturday Night Camaraderie Party and Dinner was a Blast! Thanks to our OKCOC Lawyers for providing the food. It was great to see how many riders showed up for Sunday’s OKCOC Meeting as well--the Biltmore Hotel’s Ballroom was packed with well over 400 Riders!” He concludes with; “I deeply appreciate your passion and commitment to defending Biker Liberty, in Oklahoma and Nationwide. Be sure to put the 33rd Annual National Coalition of Motorcyclists Convention on your Calendar. It’s scheduled for May 8-13, 2018 in Mobile, AL at the Riverview Plaza Renaissance Hotel, and it’s going to be a great one! The Region 2 Conference was also a Veterans’ Day celebration, and 150 bikes rode to the Oklahoma State Capitol on November 11 to take part in the ceremonies. Thanks very much, attendees, for honoring our Armed Forces!” BIKERS ASSIST DISASTER VICTIMS U.S. Defenders and the Facilitators at Camp Ironhorse have been deeply involved not only in assisting Hurricane Harvey Disaster relief efforts in Texas, but also in traveling to Puerto Rico for disaster relief aid following Hurricane Mar qQ́́ %ɽ͔ٽչѕ)ѕɹєٕ䁽ѡȁݕٕɥ́)Ёեгtɕ́9 =4ɐȁQ)5Iٕɔ1ͽȁѡ= Ʌѥ) Չ̸q5ձѥ́ȁɕٔѕ)ѼЁ́ݡЁȁ܁ɥ)٥ѥ镐ѡѽɵ́Aͥѥٔ )%tɥѥѥՕ̰ͼ役ѕɕѕ)ɽ٥Ёȁѥ̰ͥѥI)̰ȁͥɥɔɵѥхЁ5є+qMѥt-ȁݥɑɽՍѥ兡)9 =4 ɥѥU䁅ͼѥՕ́Ѽٕ)ɕͥٔѥͅѕȁYѥϊd̰)ѕЁѡɕЁIȁ ɕ=+qQ䁅ɔݽɭݥѠЁ Ʌ!ɱ)٥ͽЁѥQ`tɕ́Iٕɔqѡ)ͥхѡɽ٥́Սɕѕ)ȁݕͽ5ѽɍ危 չ今tȁɔ)ɵѥȁѼɥєхЁ1ե9̰9 =4) ɥѥU1ͽЁɥѥչ)) %-%9AMQ=HM!A!ILQaL !UI )M%Q=5MM I)AѽȁɅAɽ䁽ٕ͕́ѡЁ ѥЁ ɍ)MѡɱMɥ̰Q̰ݡɔɅ镐չ)ɔMչ䰁9ٕȀѠͱ՝ѕɕ(؁չɸɕѡ́ͥѡ)ɍqIظAɽ䰁ѽɍ危ѡͥаͼ)չ́䁙ȁ̳tѡݥɵѥ)݅́ՉѕѼ9 =4 ȁ9͉ѕ́ ̰)ɕЁѡ9ѥ ѥ5ѽɍ危ϊd)9 =4MٕȁM݅ɐȁ5)QЁ ѥЁ ɍ́eQՉ ݡɔ)Ё́٥́ݽ͕͡٥ٕ̰́)ѡЁ͕ɵѕIظAɽ䀴ѡ)ɍéѽɍ危ɥѽȀ͕ѡ䁽)!ɱ٥ͽѼɅє́ѡȁѡ͕٥)ѥѱqeԁeЁ9QɅ]̰eԁ9) ɥЇt)5̸ ́ѥՕ́ȁ샊qQѽȁɽ՝Ё)ѼɍЁMչ䰁͕ЁЁɽЁѡх)͕Ё́хȸ%Ё݅́ͅȰͅѼ)Ѽɹ́ѡٕѡ՝ЁЁ́ͅ)ͽ݅́她Ѽѕ́՝ѕȁ)Aɽ䰀аѡɥѡɔѡЁɹݡ)݅́Ёɕ̸+q]ѥհɥtͅqM݅́)ѡɔՑݡ$ѕЁѡ)ѕɅɔ՝$Ёȁ͹՝ٕѥѕȻt)݅́͡ЁMչ丁5ȸAɽ)́ݥMɤݕɔЁѡхєtፕѕ)ɽQ]MɕЁ)ɹܹͨ(QչȁÍ5饹1եͥ5ͥͥȀ܁ܹѡչɽͱ̹