Thunder Roads LA MS Magazine DEC2017 - Page 28

AMRA 2017 WRAP UP Although there are many people that are stars in this year’s racing sea- son, we are going to focus on two teams. First, if you haven’t heard of Billy Doherty, he is the 17 time National Champion. The AMRA races have proved to be a challenging one for him and for many racers this season. This year was tough on many levels. At the end of last race season he lost his crew chief on the Banana. Then his father had a stroke Christmas Eve 2016, and a hemorrhagic New Year’s Day this year. His father was in the hospital till April. Working 60 hrs a week and helping his mom with dad, he was able to get help from Justin Collier on the banana at the season opening race and he was supposed to be helping all season with the banana. A few weeks after the season opening race in a freak accident his dad passed away. At the race in Baton Rouge he won in Open Gas and messed up the motor on the bike. Because of the time it took to get the crank fixed in the banana. He was not able to get it back till the September for the bowling green race. He won the September Bowling Green race. He had closed the points up with the win. He needed a win at the national final and a national record to win the championship. He lost in the finals in Rockingham, and ended the season Runner up in OPEN GAS and 4th in Super Comp. At the national finals he rode a friend’s bike in Pro Mod. He was chasing the national championship and needed a win and a national record to win the championship. Billy won the race on his bike but did not get the national record. In the2018 season Billy will once again be racing Open Gas but by the 2018 season opener he will have purchased a Pro Fuel Nitro Harley that will be racing in the AMRA and the ADRL. Our next racer is a south Louisiana Racer- Bruce aka “Juiceman” McFar- land. Juiceman is part of the team Bayou Racing Boys and he took 3rd place in the Pro Street Dresser class in the finals in Rockingham NC and that was the last race of the season. He came in 4th place in points for Pro Street Dresser class in the National point’s standings for the year. He also finished 5th place in Super Comp in National Points standings. So Bayou Boys Racing had 2 bikes finish in the top 5 nationwide. Juiceman is a man of few words when it comes to bragging on himself. But the last thing he told me was “go fast and take chances”. Hopefully at the end of next year we will have some record breakers to report and some National titles! Until next year… 26 Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana/Mississippi | December 2017 |