Thunder Roads LA MS Magazine DEC2017 - Page 17

Maritime Biker By: Captain Steve happy holidays Well it’s here again... Another year has come and gone and the old man with the white beard and all that ho-ho-hum is about to drop by... Are you ready? Have you been a good boy or good girl...? It don’t matter, if you are a hard working, taking care of business kind of person then you already have the best gifts you can acquire... “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” To all my hard-working maritime family. Some will be home and others will not... That’s the price we pay to take care of our own. With that being said, it gives me great pleasure to introduce my next “Maritime Biker” ... Trampas Pitre, a down the bayou biker, is as hard working as they get... Trampas started out way back when, on jack up boats, did what he had to do but got tired of the crap that goes along with the job... (We can all relate), so he went into business for himself. Purchased a truck, rigged it for welding and he was off to the races. While welding, he became involved with a company down the bayou in Galliano and would be subbed out to do repairs on all the vessels in that fleet. One thing led to another and he started doing all maintenance on the fleet, which then led to a permanent job with the company. He was on a roll... After many years of loyal employment, the company merged with a bigger organization and he continues to this day to be one of the best and hardest working Port engineers in the business... From welding, fitting, hydraulics, controls, to just about anything you can imagine, if it needs repairing then Trampas is called... Day or night, he is ready to fly out to any destination to get you up and running again... While not working, you will find him out on his Street Glide on one of many benefit events he attends with his Street Survivor Brothers... He is always willing to do whatever he has to do for the other man... Hats off to you my brother... So there it is, quick, easy and simple, Trampas’ story in a nutshell or should I say chestnut... If you would like to be featured in the upcoming issues of Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana/Mississippi, then all you have to do is send me your story, some photos of you and your bike, plus a couple shots of your work and I’ll get you featured.. Looks good on the man cave wall. Email Til next month, keep the shiny side up and the thunder rolling... trampas pitre | December 2017 | Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana/Mississippi 15