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patriots corner Patriots Corner by American Patriot and American Veteran, Benton J. Lovoi Jr. U.S.N. football stadium on veterans day 2017 This article does not necessarily represent the opinion of Thunder Roads Louisiana Magazine or its staff. Veterans Day 2017 has passed. Many veterans, myself included, decided to boycott the NFL football games. This past Sunday I sat down in my chair and turned on the television, and the football game was about to start. And I thought what the heck? No one cares if I choose to boycott the game. No one knows that I was boycotting anyway. While waiting on the game to start, I grabbed my phone to look at social media and I came across a post on face book from my co staff member, Renee Harrall (co publisher of this magazine). I saw that she was currently in San Diego at Camp Pendleton to visit with her son who is an active duty Marine. I sat there looking at the picture of Renee with her son, and I was dazed for a few seconds. As I looked at the picture, and read her post filled with pride and honor, I realized that’s why I was boycotting. That’s why I was going to turn off the TV. Here was a woman visiting her son who chose to join the military. And some mothers can only mourn theirs. So I did turn off the TV, and did some work in the garage and hung out with my family. Not caring what was going on with the game. No one outside of my family knew that I took a “knee to football”. As for me not watching football, it really does not matter to the NFL. And ME not watching a football game matters nothing to the network. And no Military branch or personnel knew I took a “knee to football”. I did it because of the men and women overseas and here that are away from their families defending our freedom. It was about seeing my friend Renee going all the way to San Diego to visit her son that woke me up. I almost said hell, no one cares whether I watch football or not but as I sat in that chair looking at those pictures it hit me. I care. I care about our heroes. Especially the ones overseas and far from home. I called the local radio station the next day during a call in talk show to see how many players took a knee. Of course they would not talk to me so I texted the station and used some politically incorrect words to describe the rich spoiled, self entitled players. The local radio personality texted back and said that no players took a knee. I went on to say it’s amazing how our local football team can have a good game and it seems all of their antics are forgotten by the media. They forget or simply don’t care about our vets and I also told the radio personality he had no honor. Which may have been a little much but it is what it is. I decided to contact Renee, and ask her if I could mention how her posts of her son and father on social media that day had inspired me. She initially said no, not wanting to bring any spotlight to her son for fear of retaliation on social media, and because her son was not a “spotlight person”. But after I told her how her post about being loyal, staying true to her beliefs, and as a mother and daughter of heroes, inspired me to “take a knee”; she finally agreed. Some people say that the players have a right to take a knee and they do, but NOT while they are being paid to throw a football, and not while they are actually playing the game. I’m not going into the misconstrued BS reason they are protesting. What I will say is the flag represents freedom, honor pride, (Honor), and many sacrifices and deaths for what it stands for. Yeah I 8 Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana/Mississippi | December 2017 | know I wrote honor twice because it is that important. Honor… some have it some don’t. To and for all of the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers who can’t visit their loved one because they gave all, I “take a knee” to the NFL. To all the mothers, fathers, sisters, Brothers who have to wait until their loved one comes home from a war or conflict, I take a knee to the NFL. To all of our hero’s that did not make it home. I “take a knee” to the NFL.To the son of Renee Harrall, Sergeant Brayden Reynolds United States Marine Corps… a young man who chooses to defend the flag and America I “take a knee” to the NFL. To Renee Harrall’s father Eldon Harrall Sr., a Purple Heart Veteran who re-enlisted after he was shot in Korea. I “take a knee” to the NFL. To the late Russell Hebert Sr. a man who flew a B-17 flying fortress over Japan after the big one was dropped I “take a knee” H \[\H\&\\H[ݙ\X\HZHHۙYHH [[Y\X[]\[]\]\KH8'ZBHۙYx'HH Y\H\X\[و[H[Y\X[\&\\[Hܛ H^H܂[\YH]\[\[K[\[Y\XK˝[\Y[\˘