Thunder Roads LA/MS Gulf Coast JAN2019 - Page 5

05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 22 24 26 29 30 34 36 37 CONTENTS Motorcycle Friendly Directory Tech Tips Girl of Thunder A Biker Wedding Little Troopers 8th Annual Ride Event Calendar Two Day Nation 2018 Male Biker Model Nominees 2018 Model of the Year Nominees Thunder Cam Bullet Points 17 AMA Calendar A Day at Nola Motorsports Featured Bands for MS Mayhem Music Fest Glenn McGovern’s Magnolia Gift Run We’d Eat Dat Biker News Bytes Pastors Corner “Nite of Angels” Bike Nights Listings 2018 Bartender of the Year Nominees LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHERS Happy New Year Everyone! We hope you all had safe and meaningful holidays. I encourage you to go to ALL of the businesses featured in ads, and on our Motorcycle Friendly Directory this month because, boy everyone is having after Christmas sales all over Louisiana and South Mississippi. Even some of the biker friendly restaurants, and bars are having sales! I would also like to remind you to go and get your tickets NOW WHILE THEY LAST at the low rates for The Mississippi Mayhem Music Festival and rally featured on the back cover and on our website and facebook pages! Out with the old and in with the new! Don’t hold grudges, ( it will make you sick). We wish nothing but the best for all of you in 2019~ Until next month! Andrew and Renee R.I.P. to all of our brothers and sisters in the wind who lost the ride. Check us out on the web at COVER STORY IT’S ABOUT TIME By: Andrew Fehn THUNDER ROADS LA P.O. BOX 502 / METAIRIE, LA 70004 EMAIL: RENEETHUNDERROADSLA@GMAIL.COM WWW. THUNDERROADSLAMS.COM NATIONAL FOUNDERS Toni McCoy Shearon & Brian Shearon 1528 Matlock Drive / Chapmansboro, TN 37035 Thunder Publishing, LLC Offices: 615-792-0040 / © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NO PART OF ITS CONTENT MAY BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. PUBLISHER ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY AND IS NOT TO BE HELD LIABLE FOR ERRORS BEYOND THE COST OF THE SPACE OCCUPIED BY THE ERROR, SLANDER OF ANY GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL, FAILURE TO PRODUCE ANY ISSUE AS SCHEDULED DUE TO REASONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL, ANY AND ALL SUITS FOR LIABLE, PLAGIARISM, COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AND UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A PERSON’S NAME OR PHOTOGRAPH. OPINIONS AND CLAIMS MADE BY ADVERTISERS AND AUTHORS ARE THEIR OWN, AND DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THE POLICY OF THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE OR THUNDER PUBLISHING. PUBLISHER DOES NOT PROMOTE THE ABUSE OF ALCOHOL OR OTHER DRUGS. Special Thanks & Contributors First and foremost we would like to express our sincere thanks to our advertisers and sponsors without whom this magazine could not exist. To all of our faithful readers who provide us with their stories and information every month. Please keep them coming! Thanks to our facebook followers that post the cool pictures. To all of our contributors that help make all of our special photo shoots and charitable events a success. And a special shout out of love to our beautiful Louisiana Ladies that model for us every month for our readers viewing pleasure! Your grace, beauty, style and class are priceless to our magazine! In one blink, we are celebrating a new year. 2018 was a crazy year worldwide. World politics and social affairs, left us angry and divisive and many of us lost a loved one or watched others suffer in some way. We can only strive to make our own personal worlds better and that equation is mostly accomplished by helping those who are struggling or are in great need. The New York ball drop represents the exact time that our year ends and begins. It’s a moment of change and to let the previous year be shelved and start a new book in your individual life. The mass of people applauding and partying as they witness our new year arrive, is only about them and could care less about you. As a rider, my concept for this cover means to be more aware of the new obstacles we all face when on our bikes. Look out at the crowd around you when on the road and never trust a stranger driving their vehicle. True freedom involves protecting one’s self and being the best at preventing an incident by someone else’s, and your own mistakes. I personally, ride thinking that every person driving any type of vehicle is texting on their cell phone. That habit makes my mind relax so I can be faster to respond to those idiots that pull out in front of me from side streets and change lanes with zero warning. It’s about time that we use our heads when riding and strive harder not to be some loved one’s bad news in 2019. From our hearts at Thunder Roads LA/MS Gulf Coast stay safe and stay alive~