Thunder Roads LA/MS Gulf Coast JAN2019 - Page 36

Nite of Angels By: Pastor “T” Terry Lobell, In the Wind Ministries N ite of Angels 2018 was held on December 16 at Lamar Dixon Expo Center. In attendance, nearly 200 Divinely enabled Angels who live supernatural lives among us. Another 850 guest and family members joined in for this amazing night of Celebrating Christmas Together. The motorcycle community was there in full force. Ridding organizations, clubs and independents filled the special Biker Only sections. Attending were 29 different groups totaling 350 bikers who came together to put smiles on each Angel’s face. Each group covered their table and floor area with toys to be given to our Special Angels during what is called The Parade of Angels. During this parade every Angel passes down each aisle and guest pick an Angel place a gift in their Nite of Angels bag. But when they get to the “Bikers”, it really picks up. Image, if you can, 350 Bikers with truckloads of toys...... it is like nothing you have ever seen. Angel smiles light up the auditorium as our motorcycle community load down each Angel. It is not uncommon to see our biker brothers, family members crying and laughing together. Bear hugs, high fives, and a unbelievable sense of love and joy can be felt. Club Presidents, prospects and even hang around’s all get involved in passing out the gifts. They push wheelchairs, pack gifts and even carry some of the Angels. It is absolutely the best night of the year for many. After the parade is over, this year 45 minutes long, it is time for a full sit- down meal, served in record breaking time with the help of our motorcycle brothers and sisters. After the meal is underway, the lights dim again and the 883 Band starts a special Christmas musical presentation. Including some Old Fashion Caroling. After the entertainment... Oh well let’s just say it this way. The special Nite of Angels Harley Davidson Sleigh is pulled in by the MC Presidents or representatives and the jolly ole elf himself Santa Claus rides in to the cheers and screams of the Angels and crowd. Each Angel has the opportunity to sit in Santa’s lap and share their Christmas list. And yes, the Angels get another gift. This special night is our motorcycle community coming together in one building for one purpose and that is to let our Angels know they are our family and we love them. Twenty years ago, Pastor T and his wife Da started with one special angel. A couple years later it was 32 Angels. Then in 2010 the motorcycle community got involved and it went to 500, then 700, then 1000. This year approximately 1400 Angels, guest and Bikers all came together to make this what we believe to the largest event of its kind anywhere in the world. “I never even imagined that this night would touch so many people. I grew up as an only child and often wondered why I could not have any brothers or sisters to share life with. I had no idea that God was gonna send me thousands of brothers and sisters to do life with. Without each of you Nite of Angels would not happen. You have collected toys, cooked Jambalaya, gave money and rode in the rain time after time. All so our Special Angels could experience one amazing night where Angels and Bikers come together to celebrate Christmas. Much love and respect - Pastor T. 34 Thunder Roads Magazine LA/MS Gulf Coast | January 2019 |