Thunder Roads LA/MS Gulf Coast JAN2019 - Page 27

SIPPI MAYHEM MUSIC FESTIVAL AND RALLY S ix Gun Solution is the ultimate 80’s hair metal tribute band bringing the look and fee rock to the club circuit. Featuring l of arena the music of RATT, Dokken, Motley Crue, Poison and all of your favorite hair-banging metal bands. Formed from the dreams of dru mmer Nikki Stixxx from Chalmette, LA, this quinte t features Chicago transplant Mikki Danger on bass, lead shredders Steve Violence and Waltt Wylde rounde d out with the voice and stage antics of Vixxxen Rose. Six Gun Solution is on the scene and rocking faces opening for Lillian Axe in Coving ton, playing at the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatou la to their most recent appearance at the House of Blues in New Orleans. Every show is a party that will take you back to the 80’s nights of Aqua Net & Rock Anthems and guaranteed to be “Nothin’ but a good time”! Watch for them on the 2018 Solutio n Revolution Tour coming to a club near you. And remember…They are one of the 17 bands playing at Mississippi Mayhem Mu sic Festival and Rally April 5-7, 2019- get your reserve tickets now while the discounted prices last! www.m smayhemmusicfest. If you’re not part of th e Solution, you’re part of the problem! See our ad on the back cover of this issue!! | January 2019 | Thunder Roads Magazine LA/MS Gulf Coast 25