Thunder Roads LA/MS Gulf Coast JAN2019 - Page 22

PATRIOTS CORNER Patriots Corner by American Patriot and American Veteran, Benton J. Lovoi Jr. U.S.N. This article does not necessarily represent Thunder Roads LA/MS Magazine or its staff. If you read my articles you probably notice that sometimes I’m a little behind, so I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I hope everyone brought the New Year in with a bang (move eyebrows up and down several times). In the last few years writing for the magazine I’ve met some great people like Renee Harrall and Andrew Fehn. They humble me by allowing me to write Patriots Corner for the magazine, and for allowing me to express my patriotic views that I believe most freedom loving Americans still possess in their hearts. And for their unwavering support of the military and my fellow U.S. Veterans and their families. And I thank this magazine for sometimes allowing me to express my 1st Amendment right by publishing my column in this magazine, without censoring me (although Renee sometimes has to get me back on track), no matter how insane I might sound. I only hope a Liberal is reading my article, so they could lose their mind. (haha) Thanks to Rodney Ordoyne for introducing me to the possibilities of my voice being heard, and to those beautiful models who are the faces and the beauty of this magazine. They are so kind, nice and respectful. They made me realize I’m old as a dinosaur turd. Which really aint a great feeling but what are you gonna do? This last year has been a rough one. Along with myself, like everyone else that is about my age, we realize how much of a gift family can be. I have a wonderful family who puts up with the train wreck I can be at times. Two amazing children that are probably the reason I’m alive at this time. The same reasons I would give up my life to help them survive. I’m not sure what 2019 will bring, as we have a country with insane political views, along with the worst politicians, the most biased and unprofessional media, and Hollywood fools that I just do not understand. Why are people so gullible to believe or fall for anything they say. And why don’t people understand that these actors have no significance or impact. THEY ARE ACTORS! THEY GET PAID TO LIE AND BE SOMEONE THEY ARE NOT FOR A LIVING for God’s sake! They are turning the greatest country in the world into a joke. Maybe I am a dinosaur with my way of thinking, but I can’t understand the insanity in this country. And now, during the holiday season, there some useless garbage from a foreign country, and living in our country that are offended with Christmas, saying “Merry Christmas”, and Christmas trees. Seriously? Offended by a tree? Well all I can say to them is Merry Christmas!! In my opinion we need to send the military to Washington to arrest all of the Communist Democrats (example: that newly elected idiot) that is the face of the Democratic party and lock them ALL up for treason. But that’s just my opinion. I hope the friends, families and readers of Thunder Roads La/MS Magazine, the troops overseas, and at home had a Merry Christmas, and have a Very Happy New Year! 20 Thunder Roads Magazine LA/MS Gulf Coast | January 2019 |