Thunder Roads LA/MS Gulf Coast JAN2019 - Page 10

A BikerWedding RIDE WITH ME FOREVER! By: Bert Dore Louise and I met in the fall of 2013, (officially), although I actually met her 30 plus years ago. It was one of those “love at first sight” moments. After connecting, I knew I wanted to show her my view of the world on two wheels, as she had never ridden before. She had recently lost a son and a spouse 6 months apart and I knew that the wind blowing in her hair would be healing! Boy was it ever! Our love story revolved around that bike. We tied the knot with a leather and lace biker wedding. Our wedding pictures were taken at a family friend’s home who is quite a collector of antiques. Some of his collection includes rare vintage motorcycles. The venue was quaint, and the guests consisted of biker friends and family. A small but glorious occasion! The morning after the wedding, we headed out on the bike to Natchez, MS and honeymooned at a B & B on the river. All in biker fashion and in 100-degree temps! Enjoying every moment of sunshine! We also had the opportunity to listen to Eddie Rabbit live from above our B&B. I really “broke in” my new bride on the way home, as we caught rain and got drenched. After we dried out, we rode home into the sunset. We are independent riders and we ride occasional benefits such as St Jude’s Hospital Run. I absolutely recommend having a “two wheeled” wedding! If you would like to submit your Biker Wedding email your story to: 8 Thunder Roads Magazine LA/MS Gulf Coast | January 2019 | Mr & Mrs Bert Dore