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PATRIOTS CORNER Patriots Corner by American Patriot and American Veteran, Benton J. Lovoi Jr. U.S.N. This article does not necessarily represent Thunder Roads® LA/MS Magazine or its staff . AP Photo/Oliver de Ros Ok boys and girls today we’re gonna learn about the border wall, which may be part of a con, but for sure it’s brought on by the Communist party (democrats). Only a fool thinks we should have open borders, and only a fool thinks allowing everyone to come into America is the way it should be. When I say a “fool”, by fool I mean Liberals. Some Democrats and socialist Democrats also, and we can’t forget the entire pile of Progressives, and a hand full of Republicans. The Border Wall is not really needed if we enforce the laws or just stop the people from storming through our borders. But when that fails, build a wall. The only problem is the Socialist Party needs the votes. Which is why the wall is being fought so hard. Some say the immigrants do the work that Americans won’t do. That may be true, but the immigrants also get screwed by employers because they are so easily replaced. They are slaves to the company or person that hired them. I believe that what is just as bad as using illegals like slaves or companies like the one I worked for. I won’t mention any names. We built large green tractors in Thibodaux. This company hired a bunch of local non-union members while the pay was not too bad, we were paid a lot less than Union workers, which is why we were brought on. I worked there for 3 Migrants that managed to et over the wall (Reuters image) years only to be laid off along with my son and a lot of other workers. Our jobs were sent to other countries and in my opinion, we were used. I would work from 6 in the morning to sometimes 9 at night. Than after we perfected their machines we were laid off . Companies who use local workers to build companies overseas and then kick us out the door, and those who use illegals like slaves, are no better and should be run out of the prospective towns. Just like strip mining rapes the land these companies rape employees. Another reason the illegals were paid to go to the border, (and notice you haven’t heard much else about the Muslims migrants the government was shoving down our throats). The paid illegals at the border could have been to take our minds off the Muslims they are letting in America. That is what a corrupt government does. Dig this… if a supermarket raises their prices because the price of gas went up, then when gas prices go down your getting screwed. And if they force you to ring up your own items because there not hiring people to check out your items, you should fi nd another store. And if your tractor company sends work overseas and fi res American workers you may as well buy a tractor from overseas. 20 Th under Roads® Magazine LA/MS Gulf Coast | February 2019 | | February 2019 | Th under Roads® Magazine LA/MS Gulf Coast 21