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BULLET POINTS T H E C Z P -10 C P T. 2 Love is in the Wind Ross and Tish Dean Cheryll and Monkey ARTICLE BY: BRODY KENNEN PHOTOS BY: KENNEDY RUNYAN Initially, I was concerned about a previous issue with the CZ P-10C. Omaha Outdoors brought forth information on striker rotation inside the striker channel. It would prevent the firearm from going into battery, cause failures to reset in the trigger during firing (when in battery), and subsequently causing failures to fire. Their firearm was an earlier C-series (20000-range) serial number and mine is also a C-series (60000-range). There are a few distinct differences between the older guns and the newer ones. Some internal changes and differences in the markings. Luckily, I did not suffer any of the issues that Omaha Outdoors highlighted. Often, the manufacturer will highlight a break-in round-count for their product in the manual. It was something that I had forgotten about until I began shooting the P-10C. The first five full magazines held nothing but stove-pipes for me. The casings failed to eject and was likely due to a stiff recoil spring. A quick swap to 124-grain ammunition helped immensely, but due to a low number of rounds, I was forced to switch back to 115-grain. Slowly but surely, more rounds went downrange without any failures. The shell casings weren’t being slung clear early on. The P-10C didn’t fare as well suppressed. While running 147-grain rounds, to guarantee the soundest suppression, I saw minimal slide cycle. The firearm was effectively single-shot, and I quit wasting subsonic ammunition. An actual break-in period is something that I haven’t ever encountered with any of my other handguns. Straight out of the boxes, those handguns were ready to go with no or very minimal issues. But these issues did not persist and with the regular use of 115-grain ammunition over the course of the first day, the P-10C was broken in. Roughly 150-rounds were required to get through the break-in. I have put around 2,500 rounds through the P-10C. The majority was in 115-grain split between CCI Blazer and Remington UMC ammunition. A limited amount of Winchester Target ammunition was also used, but purposefully sidelined due to previous issues in my Glocks. I do not recommend this loose packed ammunition for use. Most of the 124-grain ammo was Remington UMC, as well. The 147-grain was exclusively Speer Lawman TMJ. The CZ P-10C Suppressor-Ready variant comes equipped with three-dot Tritium sights and is complimented by an extremely efficient trigger. At least, with my example, it is right up there with what I’ve seen in in the Springfield XD and Canik TP9 series of handguns. The trigger is very smooth, with a slight springy sound to the take-up, but the break is rather loud. The reset is just as audible, and the feel of the trigger is consistent at all points of the break and the reset. 16 Paired with a decent shooter, the P-10C is an absolute tack-driver at 15-yards and out to 50-yards. Neither the diamond, nor the clay pigeons, stood at chance at those distances. The smaller the target, the more fun you could have with the proper three-dot sights. I didn’t see a great deal of difference between groupings with the P-10C and the Glock-19, but target acquisition was faster comparatively. I will end up shooting some test groups, offhand, at 50-yards for real- world application knowledge. Benched groupings will also be taken to see how the platform does overall. I would love to carry this sidearm regularly, but I’m waiting on a specific holster manufacturer to bring their model to market. I have never been as impressed with any other brand of holster as I am with G-Code, but I haven’t seen a P-10C IWB offering. Unfortunately, G-Code is one of the handful of brands where the P-10C doesn’t fit in Glock-19 offerings. The issue occurs with the trigger guard. It can be forced to completely lock, but it will push the slide out of battery and the retention is ungodly strong. This happens in both the older INCOGs and the new PHENOM line. Without the internal fuzzy lining, the older INCOG would likely end up removing the finish. The wait is on. I am absolutely blown away by the quality and accuracy of the P-10C. CZ has also noted the release of full and compact models (F and S), plus the corresponding Optics Ready (OR) models of all three model sizes. Unfortunately, for those interested in the OR models, they do not come with the full ambidextrous controls. This is where I think they made a mistake, by becoming more Glock-esque. I prefer the controls on both sides and will likely seek a OR slide assembly for a standard Compact grip assembly. 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