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2019 PROGRESSIVE INTERNATIONAL MOTORCYCLE SHOW DALLAS TEXAS Written by and photographed by: Nick and Alexis H A community of nearly 25,000 came to the 2019 IMS in Dallas to enjoy the outstanding show. New bikes were in presentations from Indian, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and KTM among numerous supporting accessory vendors. Attendees can help spread the thrill of two-wheels with their friends and family through Discover the Ride, the approachable motorcycling experience designed for non-riders. Discover-the Ride featured five main attractions including an indoor electric motorcycle demo course, an area for children to experience two wheels, a wheelie machine for experienced riders to test their skills, stationary motorcycles to learn how to engage the clutch and shift gears, and an educational content series called New To 2, designed to help new riders navigate the world of motorcycling through videos and live presentations at the show. 2019 will be a great year to go to your local 12 Th under RoadsĀ® Magazine LA/MS Gulf Coast | February 2019 | | February 2019 | Th under RoadsĀ® Magazine LA/MS Gulf Coast 13