Thunder Roads LA/MS AUG 2018 - Page 22

PATRIOTS CORNER Patriots Corner by American Patriot and American Veteran, Benton J. Lovoi Jr. U.S.N. This article does not necessarily represent Thunder Roads LA/MS Magazine or its staff. I recently learned about the FBI investigating cults at least two for now. Here is the kicker the Democrats, Progressives and Liberals are using these same tactics. For instance, public humiliation is used by Cults to force members to comply. We see that daily today because a corrupt person was not elected. Another example when the 44th was in office, if you disagreed with his belief you were a racist. Since I am a veteran some of us were considered homegrown terrorists, because we were trained to fight communist and as we know Democrats are sometimes referred to as the new communist party. Our collages, media, and government are all a part of the takeover. Liberals are the aftermath of the brainwashing on a massive scale. If you don’t believe me, google “signs you’re involved in a cult”. The funding for all of this comes from the extreme rich, and one man has the finances to fund all the chaos. We all know his name, but I’ll just call him G.S. The government has created a Cult that I believe for this reason; I think the legalization of Majorana is a problem because a stoned nation is a nation of followers. If parents could come to their senses. and realize their children are being brainwashed in college instead of educated the lawsuits would be phenomenal and, in my opinion, it needs to be done. Now that we have #45 in office, he is doing a B2FRFw0FBF( Bv2w&VRvFBvB( w&Fr&WBr0FrFFvFFBvB( Fƶr&WB2FR6''WF@'&v6rrvFFRFW7G'V7FbW&6FB2WW2( WBv( bFrW7BV2WfVFRW&6rbVP7&76rFR&&FW"R66VRFBR62Fr&WBFPW6Ɩ&VgVvVW26֖rrFRB&BB7vF6खbRFWFRFRW&6VRR6VƖ֖FRFRW&6VRFR&w&W76fW2BFRFV7&F2'GF( BvBFVFPVVGVRBFR&&FW"bFBvW&RFR66RvRvVBfRU$VW72W&6FR&VW62FFWFRFRW&6VR@7&VFR&Rb6fR&6R6VG27&'WBN( 2BbRGFVFBb6W2&R'&vrf&Vvv&W'2ǒ&V6W6RFWv&f"W72fVB6W2&R'&vrf&Vvv&W'2WGFpFV6F2B&RW6rVƖfVBVRFVGV6FRFVǐFfRFRf&Vvv&W"FRFV""FW"v&VBf"&rw&VVG&7F"6FB6RW&R&VBFRVRbFV"&Bv&WF72&FRB"BWBW2Fv&ǒF6VBFRv&vPFBfW'6V2WGFrBbVRWBbv&Fr'WBFrW7BV2Br226w&W`VRF6FR&G2VF67&V2wVfV6RvfW&VBƖW2BƖ&W&2'WFV7&G2&RW6rFRW7BF7F727VG2W6RFvfvW'2BG2v&r76fR66RFW&R2WfW"&VVF0V66GfW"VV7FWfW"ƗF626Ɩrf"FV"֖0FGF6VRw&W2ƖRgFGF6rvBW&6VRF22VV&BbW&66bRfR6B6VvR@RF6R6vRFV"&Vf"B&2FV6V6WBFP66( n( b#FVFW"&G2vRV6֗7676VwW7B#wwrFVFW'&G626ЧwwrFVFW'&G626VwW7B#FVFW"&G2vRV6֗7676#