Thunder Roads LA Magazine June 2017 - Page 18

BULLET POINTS unity article by: brody kennen | photo by: kennedy runyan The recent NRA-ILA Leadership Forum was 1968, the costs of these firearms continue to climb rather underwhelming. The opportunity was given every year. Collectors make no effort to help repeal to America, by Americans during the election, to the Hughes Amendment, change 922(o) ruling, or start fresh and start tearing down the old firearms repeal the National Firearms Act. The Left inevitably controls. These controls are set forth in Federal law, came after the dreaded semi-automatic “assault presidential sanctions on foreign countries, and in weapons” in the early 1990s… BATFE determinations. The United States firearms What most firearms owners forget, regardless community has always been divided, just as other of which category that they fall into, is that we social issues divide us. But there is hope that the are all being targeted. Everything we own is being division would be set aside for unity. November targeted. The history of the National Firearms Act was advertised as a home run for the Second proves that. The NFA, from 1934, had originally Amendment. However, there has not been any also included the registration of handguns. The action. The Hearing Protection Act (H.R. 367) sits arbitrary reasoning was because of concealability. dead in committee, and has since early February. What happens when someone from the Left-wing There is still no hope of seeing import restrictions, decides that there isn’t such a thing as a “hunting” from the Clinton and Obama years, on China and rifle, but that all bolt-actions are “sniper” rifles? The the Russian Federation removed. The wins for the theoretical reason for control being that you could Second have been for the long-game, as Chris Cox assassinate a high-ranking politician. We have seen mentioned: the postings of Gorsuch, Sessions and a similar comparison when it comes to the control of Zinke. Conversely, there is no talk by politicians on non-firearms, the accessories, notably suppressors. repealing legislation, through the legislature. It For a decade, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of can be seen with the Hearing Protection Act, as an 1994 controlled the sale of firearms with certain immediate example. “assau