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Maritime Biker By: Captain Steve What’s up guys! Up in Norfolk, Virginia working now… Happy to be working and employed…I feel for you fellas in the oil field, with all the ups and downs, but have faith, things are starting to look up and companies are starting to hire again. This month’s maritime biker goes out to all the hard-working guys in the industry. Men that work their asses off to provide for their family, to supply the company with an in valuable workmanship, and hit the grind every day to build and supply America’s needs. From the rivers, to the lakes and the oceans around the world, there are thousands of guys every day working to get their hard jobs done. I’m always giving shout outs to the hard-working men that ride motorcycles but the truth is, there are thousands in the maritime industry that don’t ride motorcycles and never get recognized… so, this month goes out to everyone in the maritime industry! This goes out to every man with dirty hands, aching backs and missing their family at home. And, to the guys that have been laid off due to the economy, keep your chin up and know that things are going to change. Hopefully, Things will go back to the way they were in the 80s, when oil field was booming. A lot has changed since then, everything from rules and regulations to inflation… There are jobs out there, just keep looking! But know this, A hard-working maritime biker will always be riding and smiling when he gets home. So next time you see a biker riding around during the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, while you think this guy is just a biker, know that he’s probably been at work for four or more weeks and is enjoying his time off.... If you have a unique offshore job that you would like to share with us then send pics and a short story about who you are and what you do to: Till next time, Captain Steve 14 Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana | June 2017 | | June 2017 | Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana 15