Thunder Roads LA Magazine June 2017 - Page 14

THUNDER CAM DAN NIEUBUURT CHASIDY YILENNA WITH BEAUREGARD MARVIN & MONIQUE ST. ROMAIN KIRBSTER-SHARI-DONNA BRIAN AND LORETTA BRICK ABATE LINDSEY & JACQUE ALEXIS 12 Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana | June 2017 | BABY LUNA’S FIRST BIKE AMANDA AKA FLASH We’d Eat dat Blackjacks bar & grill By: renee harrall prepared fresh... not frozen Located in Jefferson Parish, city of Kenner, this lil place has the makings of a 4-star restaurant with that “eat at home “feel. Traveling all over the state of La. with this magazine has given us the opportunity to try some [X[\\›ۛHZ\X[HY[H[^\]HX[Y[YX\]X\ۙH \[HۛZ\\H\[\X]Z\ [H\HYB[[\ܚ]X[[Hܙ]\ [\XX[HYH\]\[\۸&]XZH]Y8)[ ]\\Z[HH\H\KHY[و\š\[[\[X[\H\[Z\HX\\KBY[[[[Y]H]HKH]\^H]H\\H[\\Y[ؘXH[]H]\ܙ\Y\HY\H]܈H[]KB\[\ܚ\[ۈ][YHHHY[ۙ\X\[HY\[ Hۙ\H[H[\وHX]]Y[]Y\]\XZH]\[ۙBYܝXH[X]]\[ۙHZH[Z[KۛH\HܙX] ]š\H][\K[[HوZH\[\[ HݙYHX]H\\\Y\[ޙ[[܈YH\ۘ[HH[BH\YY\ؘXHH\H]H]\X][HY[H\H[š[YH\]HH[܈\^H[KXZH\H[HBY][ۈHY[x)YXZ[]\H^HH\Y][ۈKBX[HY\^HY\HXZY [[H[[^\\܈Y][H\\Y\XX[H܈[HH[H[[][\QHZ\X[H[\[\\H[XZ]H\[\[\]H[\H[BۘHH[۝][H\[H\BQRRH SBPTSYۘX˝[\YZ\X[KH[H M[\YXY^[HZ\X[BL