Thunder Roads LA Magazine July 2017 - Page 36

PASTORS CORNER T oday I ask you think with me about summer. July marks the beginning of the hot days of summer. I was thinking about the coming of summer this morning as I was out for an early morning ride on my 2016 Road Glide. Here is the thought that came to my mind: How do we experience God in the summer? David wrote: “The day is yours, and yours also the night; you established the sun and moon. It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth; you made both summer and winter.” Psalm 74:16-17 NIV Just as an artist is known through their works. God is “The God of the summer.” Summer is a time of open road, a time for exploration, a time riding down winding roads you have never visited before. God is down that road. You can experience God while on such an exploration. God is met by the curious. “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God” - St. Augustine. Praise God for summer roads which peak our curiosity. Praise God for open spaces. Summer is a time for experiencing God through: • FREE TIME - Leaving behind the short days of winter while experiencing God through relaxation and family time. • PLAY - Summer reveals the playfulness of God who crests such an awesome variety of plants, flowers, and hills and valleys. Hot dogs, sandy beaches and night rides in the moonlight. • STORIES AND MEMORIES - tales of the open roads, memories of those we share them with. • WORK - in the summer we often work harder and longer hours. But God gives us the strength and vision of the reward of our labor. I hope my thoughts will help you experience God this summer. HE is the God of summer. See you in the wind, Pastor T Ken Dykes 1st Annual Clubs Against Cancer By: LA Rider Trippy Many MC’s in the area came together for one common goal, to raise money for Cancer. There was food everywhere and I couldn’t find one thing that didn’t taste great. There much love and brother hood in one place. You could feel it in abundance. Family fun, music, and homemade trophies to all of the winners. Thank you so much to all the clubs that came out for support and to everyone that donated merchandise, and their time behind the scenes to pull this event together. This is going to be an annual event to help fight cancer. Next year will be another opportunity for all who missed it to come and join us! 34 Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana | July 2017 | RELAY FOR LIFE NWLA By: Sandra Nichols You might ask, “why do you relay?”. Well, in 2006 both my best friend and myself were diagnosed with cancer. That was the most horrifying news I had ever received. The years to follow were ones that consisted of the monthly visits and testing. After five years of remission I was finally released. During this time, I came to know many people in the same situation or worse. M y best friend approached me one day and asked if I would be interested in participating in the Relay for Life. At the time, I had never heard of it before. I did some research to find out exactly what the American Cancer Society was about and I agreed to volunteer. For the next four years she and I would work together as co-captains of a team of family and friends to raise funds and participate in the relay. The American Cancer Society is an organization that provides diverse types of help for cancer patients. For women that have lost their breast to this horrid disease, they are provided with prosthesis to help them feel like a woman again. Many are provided wigs after hair loss. For those that need transportation to and from doctors’ visits, it is provided for them. I had not participated in the last few years and I was approached this year by a friend of the famil y in regard to participating. I decided that I would not only participate but that I would put together a team. I am fortunate enough to work for a company that is very much in tune with volunteer work. Myself and a group of 11 other co-workers came together to participate. Within the time of two months we were able to receive many donations. Our company also donated articles for the survivor bags that were provided to survivors at the event. The theme of the event was “Carnival”. There were approximately 30 teams that participated. There was a contest for the bearded woman and the carnival cutie, a nacho eating contest, cook-off, team banner, spirit stick, etc. Just as the event was getting kicked off the thing that we all feared that day happened, it began to rain. Not just rain, but pour. This did not stop us from having fun. A group of us played frisbee in the rain as well as some of the children would slide across the field on the wet grass. Cancer is a disease that has touched so many lives and most likely has touched yours in some manner. As a survivor, I encourage each and every one of you to participate in some manner, whether by putting together a team, volunteering to work an event or simply by making a donation. As a volunteer, I can tell you that I have never felt more satisfaction than when I know I am doing something that is and will help others. So get up and get to volunteering! | July 2017 | Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana 35