Thunder Roads LA Magazine July 2017 - Page 26

LOUISIANA RUMBLE BADD ASS RALLY cOMINg to LA Sept 21st-24th Louisiana Rumble is a nonstop adults-only party in an OLD TIME “Rally in the Crater” style with a few new, fun twists. There’ll be great music all weekend and lots of vendors, along with Louisiana’s WILDEST bike and people games. Ride or dance your way down “Main Street” to party in the gauntlet-style VIP parking area where the party never ends. Bike or not, everyone 21 AND OVER is welcome. If you attended the Sandy Hook rally, you will love this one! Please Note: This location is in Arcadia, La. The rally promoters have leased the property to bring this event to Louisiana. The early bird pre-rally party will be on Wednesday night. Early birds can stay at a rate of $30 per night payable to the RV campgrounds*. On Site: restaurant/bar, two (2) heated bathhouses, coin-operated washateria, dumps station. Free pump truck service available during event, so your party isn’t interrupted. No weapons, attitudes, illegal drugs, glass containers, people under the age of 21. Website and pre-registration coming soon. Face book: -- More info to come next month! *RV Campgrounds for early bird stays only: (318) 263-2437 (Please see our ad in this month’s issue.) UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT BY: RENEE HARRALL (see our ad on inside back cover) If you have never been to Brewster’s Hideaway in Metairie, you may not know that it is under new management. It is now called Voodoo Patio Bar.You will also be surprised t fBFRvR6R2WrWr7GRBWr&6RƖRBWfW B&Vf&RFWfR6RbFR6W7BBg&VFƖW7B7Ffb&VBBvrvB6RFV6BFF2&"2FVfFVǒ&rVVvF66FFRW"'G6V VWFw2&VVfG2BW"'V2FBRfRFR&6'W&W'2F2v2ƗFW&ǒ66FRFfBF2( Vv&&B&.( fVVƖrWF&RFPWrvW'2&RvrF6VV'&FRFR&W"6VGvFg&FvB&RvBWfW'g&F7F'FrBgFWvfR&RvBvFG&7V62fBBƗfPW62g&RbFR&G2FBfRFB( ~( Ɩ2( f"66R'f"FRf'7B&RvBB6r6RfRB7W'Bf"FW6RvW6PVRvfR&W'2B&RW6FVB&WB6W'frFR&W"6VG6VRRFW&Rg&FVǒ#7Bg'&rW"&&RvFRB6RfRvBFRvFW2#BFVFW"&G2vRV6Vǒ#rwwrFVFW'&G6V66ЧwwrFVFW'&G6V66Vǒ#rFVFW"&G2vRV6#